Swimming is not only a useful skill


Swimming – how does it affect our health and body?

Swimming is not only a useful skill that allows you to enjoy holidays in exotic places and spend time at the seaside and in the pool, but also has a positive effect on the figure and overall health!


Did you know that? Read our article to the end and find out what swimming gives your body!

Swimming a… supporting the respiratory system

Burning fat through training

Swimming has a very positive effect on the respiratory system. It increases the efficiency of the lungs. The standard lung capacity is about 5 liters, and people who swim large can boast up to 11 liters of capacity.


Swimming and joints – does it connect?

It connects very much! Water relieves our body, which is almost ten times lighter in it. For this reason, it is recommended for all people who have problems with their joints.


Swimming and slimming!

During an hour of intensive training in water, you can burn up to 600 calories! Thanks to this, swimming is especially recommended for people who want to burn fat. Regular exercise in the pool allows you to build muscle mass no worse than going to the gym. Add a proper diet to it and the kilograms will drop by themselves!

What about the circulatory system?

What about the circulatory system?

Swimming stimulates the heart to work and the entire circulatory system. Effect? Extended Life! With this exercise, you have a chance to avoid heart disease. In addition, swimming is recommended for people after heart attacks.


Improving condition and endurance

All muscle groups are involved in swimming. There is no exaggeration in that. While swimming, we work with our whole bodies. Moreover, depending on the style and pace of your swimming, it can significantly improve your endurance and condition.


Swimming versus body flexibility and motor coordination

In the water, we can allow our body a greater range of motion without causing injury. This significantly influences the exercise of its flexibility. Moreover, swimming requires physical coordination – it increases with each meter taken.

Start swimming or… lower cholesterol!

Start swimming or… lower cholesterol!

Fast food, vitamin-free food, not many nutrients in the diet, little exercise … all of this adds up to the fact that many of us have very high levels of bad cholesterol. According to research, swimming for 30 minutes at least three times a week significantly lowers blood pressure, and hence causes a decrease in resting heart rate. Effect? Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) in your blood!


Last but not least – improving your mood!

Swimming is a great way to reduce stress and get rid of excess energy. After a hard day, it allows you to relax and relieve tension.

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