Mythical motivation to act while losing weight


Motivation to act – how not to lose it while losing weight?

Mythical motivation to act while losing weight … how not to lose it and achieve your dream weight?

Well… just read our article and follow the rules below!

Well… just read our article and follow the rules below!

Motivation to act - tasty and healthy food is the key

Motivation to act - tasty and healthy food is the key


Paradoxical as it sounds, you must eat to lose weight. Eat healthy and enough to satisfy your basic metabolism. You should also eat tastily and provide your body with all vitamins, minerals and fiber. We all know it. However, if you want to persevere in your diet, you should pay attention to one more aspect of it: taste! Provide excitement to your palate at every meal, and the motivation to act will never leave you!

Find your support group

Find your support group


Our psyche is constructed in such a way that the only thing that encourages it is achieving goals and … supporting other people! Gaining a few kilos is, unfortunately, a more difficult task than losing them, which is why the support of other people is so important! As soon as you notice that there is a decrease in motivation in you, turn to people who are losing weight with you. Other people with the same goal are a great motivation to act!


Motivation to act, and plans … let them be rational!


Your plan must not only be well thought out but also realistic. You probably know very well that slimming requires a lot of sacrifices and is very psychologically demanding. Don’t make unrealistic demands on yourself: ten workouts a week, or giving up all the fun you eat. You will not persevere in them and your motivation to act will end soon!

Time for fun!

Time for fun!


Optimism and consistent implementation of the designated weight loss plan will certainly bring the expected results, but your internal motivation to act should be strengthened in a positive way. Preferably cyclically and… often! Then the chances of your success increase. Reward yourself for achieving each sub-goal and do so by all means. Pleasant of course.




Motivation to act is something that requires frequent reminders of the goal. Prepare a motivational board: stick cards with motivational quotes to it, photos of people who inspire you to act, watch photos of the transformations of people who have lost weight, follow fitness trainers on Instagram.

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