1. The hereby regulations refer to the agreements concluded through labosal.com website.

2. Definitions:

a) Online shop – online shop available on labosal.com,

b) Regulations – regulations of this online shop,

c) Seller – LABOSAL LTD, Company Number: 12053889, 142 International House, Cromwell Road, SW7 4EF London,

d) Buyer – natural person with full capacity for legal actions as well as natural person with limited capacity for legal actions as stated in generally applicable laws, natural person conducting a business activity, legal person or entity with no legal personality who makes use of electronically supplied services provided by the seller,

e) Registration form – form available on the website which allows for creation of the account,

f) Account – marked with the individual name (login) and password given by the buyer, collection of resources in the seller’s ICT system where the buyer’s data are gathered including data on the orders already placed,

g) Order form – form available on the website which allows the buyer to place the order without creating the account,

h) Order – buyer’s statement which is an offer of product sales agreement with the seller,

i) Sales agreement – product sales agreement concluded through the website,

j) Product – any chattel available in the online shop which is a subject-matter of the sales agreement,

k) Shopping cart – online tool allowing the buyer to aggregate the selected products and to calculate their prices. While selecting the products, the buyer may manage the content of the cart by adding and removing the products,

l) Special offer – discount valid for selected products which are subjects to the sales agreement between the seller and the buyer during a specified period of time,

m) Proof of purchase – VAT invoice or any other document which shall confirm the purchase,

n) Newsletter – the electronically provided service that allows the buyer to automatically receive to a given email address the most important information related to the online shop,

o) Annex I – document attached to these regulations allowing to withdraw from the agreement, referred to in section § 6,

p) Annex II – document attached to these regulations allowing to return of a damaged or faulty goods, referred to in section § 5.

3. Electronically supplied services provided by the seller include:

a) having an account in an online shop,

b) concluding the sales agreement by completing the order form,

c) publishing Newsletter.

4. Prior to completion of order form or registration form and creating an account, the buyer will be asked to get familiar with the regulations and their acceptance.

5. Buyer may access his/her account through using login and password. The agreement related to having the account in the online shop is concluded for indefinite period of time and does not entail any financial obligations for the buyer. At any time, this agreement may be terminated by removing the account or sending the information on resignation to: office@labosal.com.

6. The online shop may organize the special offers for the selected products. The seller shall define the rules for special offers and make them public on the website.

7. Publications, advertisements, price lists and other product information found on this website, particularly their description, technical and operational parametres as well as their prices shall be treated as an invitation to conclude the sales agreement.

8. In order to use www.labosal.com website, it is necessary to have a computer or other mobile device with Internet access and any web browser of your choice.

9. The conditions of hereby regulations shall not aim to exclude or limit any rights of the buyer, who is a customer granted by mandatory provisions of law. In case of any discrepancies the mandatory regulations take the precedence to the hereby regulations.


1. Buyer is obliged to use our website in accordance with the law in force, principles of community life and decorum, respect the personal and ownership rights of the third parties.

2. Our online shop sells its goods on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad.

3. Buyer may place the order in one of the following ways:

a) place the order via the registered account,

b) place the order by completing the order form available on our website.

4. All the products from our website are original, brand new (free from defects) and compliant with the applicable requirements.

5. Orders referred to in 3 a), b), of this paragraph may be placed 24/7.

6. In order to place the order referred to in 3 a) of this paragraph in a proper manner, the buyer shall complete the registration form and thereby create an account.

7. In order to place the order referred to in 3 b) of this paragraph in a proper manner, the buyer shall add the product to the shopping cart, complete the order form available on the website and send it to the online shop.

8. Orders placed on weekdays by the 9 am., will be processed and sent to the Buyer on the same business day.

9. Once the order is placed and accepted for realization, the buyer shall receive an e-mail confirmation from the seller.

10. On receipt of a communication referred to in point 9. of this paragraph the sales agreement is concluded.

11. Orders might be cancelled by the buyer, who is a customer, up to the moment they are dispatched.

12. Time of order execution (order picking and preparation for shipping) is 24 hours. Delivery time for products is 48 hours

13. In the event of a product being out-of-stock, the buyer is informed about this fact. Buyer may agree on extended time of order execution or cancel the whole order or resign only from the item delaying the delivery date.

14. Seller reserves the right to cancel the order if the buyer, regardless of the seller’s notifications, failed to provide the seller with missing items necessary for the proper execution of the order.


1. Prices are gross prices expressed in British pound (£) and include all the components including taxes and duties. However, prices do not include delivery costs which are selected during order placement.

2. Prior to placing the order, the buyer shall be informed about its total value.

3. Proof of purchase is an invoice is sent to the Buyer’s email address in electronic form..

4. Buyer shall select one of the following payment methods for the products:

a) bank transfer or online transfer to the seller’s bank account,

b) online payment – PayU, Przelewy24, PAY-PAL.

5. Buyer shall select the payment method while placing the order.

6. If buyer selects the payment method referred to in 4 a) of this paragraph, items are dispatched after crediting 100 % of payment into the seller’s bank account.

7. If buyer selects the payment methods referred to in 4 b) of this paragraph, items are dispatched after positive authorization of 100 % of order value.

8. If buyer selects the payment method referred to in 4 a), b) of this paragraph, and fail to settle the payment within 7 days from the moment of order confirmation, the seller shall call upon the buyer to settle the payment. If the call proves fruitless, the seller shall cancel the order and inform the buyer about this fact by an email or by phone.

9. Online payments made through the www.labosal.com online shop are processed by PayU, Przelewy24, PAY-PAL platform.


1. Buyer may select the following ways of shipping:

a) delivery of the Goods to the Buyer’s address provided during the Order placement by a courier company,

b) collection of ordered Products in InPost parcel machines.

2. Buyer shall select the delivery while placing the order.

3. The costs of delivery referred to in paragraph 1(a) of this paragraph shall be borne by the Seller. The costs of the delivery referred to in paragraph 1(b) of this paragraph shall be borne by the Buyer.

4. Buyer shall be informed about the delivery costs while placing the order.

5. Seller shall provide the buyer with products free from defects.

6. Buyer shall collect the products ordered.


1. Seller recommends checking the content of parcel in the presence of courier employee. No parcel checking shall not exclude the possibility of claim. However, the act of checking the parcel smooths the claim process. The above shall not refer to trader who is obliged to check the parcel in the presence of courier employee.

2. In the event of damaged item, the buyer shall inform the seller about this fact.

3. Claim shall include the buyer data, description of defect, data when defect arose, and information on the buyer demand. In order to smooth the claim process, Annex II is available on the website.

4. Proof of purchase or its copy shall be attached to the claimed product.

5. Buyer shall send back the claimed product.

6. Claims shall be addressed to:

a) LABOSAL LTD, Company Number: 12053889, 142 International House, Cromwell Road, SW7 4EF London,

b) by e-mail to: office@labosal.com.

7. In case of some missing data or information in claim, the seller shall ask the buyer for its supplement in a given scope prior to processing the claim.

8. Seller shall answer to the claim within 14 days. Lack of answer after the time limit indicated results in acceptance of the claim.

9. Seller shall have liability for any warranty claims if the defect comes to light within 2 years from the moment of product collection by the buyer.

10. Insignificant differences in appearance resulting from individual setting of the buyer’s computer – particularly the settings of the screen – may not constitute the sufficient basis for the claim.


1. Buyer who is a customer has a right to withdraw from the remote agreement within 30 days from the moment of product collection without stating the reason.

2. The above right shall not apply in the following cases:

a) the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed by the buyer after delivery,

3. In order to effectively terminate the agreement referred to in point 1. of this paragraph, the buyer shall send a written declaration by mail or by post within 14 days from the moment of parcel collection. The model of declaration is set out in Annex I.

4. In case of withdrawal from the agreement, buyer shall return the bought product along with the proof of purchase or its copy within 14 days from the moment of withdrawal submission.

5. Delivery cost of returned product shall be incurred by the buyer.

6. Buyer shall be liable for decrease in the value of the product value as a result of its use beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product.

7. Seller guarantees the refund of the price of the product and the shipping costs immediately, not later than within 14 days.

8. Seller shall return the money in the same way as the original payment was made by the buyer unless the buyer explicitly expressed his/her consent for other way of return which does not involve any additional costs.

9. In the event that the buyer selected other than the cheapest way of delivery offered by the seller, the seller is not obliged to reimburse the buyer for the additional costs.

10. In case of withdrawal from the agreement, products sent at the seller’s expense or COD (cash on delivery) will not be collected.

11. Provisions of this paragraph shall not be applied to the buyers who are not consumers, e. persons making the legal actions related to their profession or business activity – in this event the right to withdraw from the sales agreement is excluded.


1. By completing the Order Form or Registration Form and creating an Account, the Buyer is asked to accept the Privacy Policy.

2. Seller shall process the personal data only in order to provide the services referred to in point 3 in § 1 of hereby regulations.

3. The personal data of the buyer shall not be revealed to the third parties or institution for marketing purposes without the buyer’s prior express consent.

4. Buyer has a right to access his/her personal data for the purpose of verification, modification or removal from the seller’s database.

5. Detailed information about personal data protection can be found in document Privacy Policy at labosal.com.


1. All the pictures of products and other materials (including texts, graphics, logotypes) published at www.labosal.comare owned by the seller or have been used with consent of third parties who are holders of copyrights.

2. Prohibited is the copying of the pictures, other graphic materials and reprinting of texts published at www.labosal.com including making them available online without the seller’s written consent or the third party who is holder of copyrights.

3. Prohibited is also downloading pictures from the www.labosal.com website for marketing and commercial purposes.

4. Use of the above mentioned materials without the seller’s written consent or other third parties who are holders of copyrights is unlawful and may give rise to civil or criminal proceedings against those who violate the law.


1. Seller reserves the right to impose limitations in online store services due to technical service, repair works or improvement works. At the same time, the seller undertakes all the reasonable endeavors to make sure that all the above mentioned works are done at night and last as short as possible.

2. Seller reserves the right to change the regulations. The changes enter into force at a time specified by seller, however not earlier than 7 days from their announcement. Orders placed before the aforementioned changes will be fulfilled in accordance with the arrangements valid in the moment of order placement.

3. Any disputes between the sides shall be resolved by conciliation or in the presence of independent and impartial mediator. In addition, consumer shall have the possibility to an out-of-court compliant and redress mechanism. In order to take the advantage of amicable resolution of dispute, consumer may address the complaint by ODR platform available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

4. In the event that no amicable resolution is reached, even through mediation, jurisdiction of the court shall be determined according to the rules generally applicable.

5. Any matters not regulated by the hereby regulations will be regulated by adequate provisions.

6. These regulations come into force on 14 October 2019.