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Labosal is made up of specialists in various fields. Our company’s most important people are the research and development team, whose task is to develop a given supplement’s composition. Another essential team is responsible for our company’s logistic aspects, allowing you to quickly receive the purchased products. Other specialists are responsible for preparing the content on our blog, whose mission is to provide substantive knowledge based on years of experience. Thanks to them, you will learn, among others about the principles of healthy eating, ways to maintain well-being or effective methods of coping with stress.

Labosal is an international company with branches located in two countries – Poland and Great Britain.

Our products are shipped to 17 countries worldwide, which means that the number of our satisfied customers has already reached over 40,000 people!


Our goal was clearly defined from the very beginning – to create products that will be used in everyday life. In a reality where rush, pressure, the desire to constantly keep pace with the unprecedented pace of changes, as well as the increasing pressure of private and professional duties consume all our free time. It is then difficult to focus on a specific goal, and it is easy to get confused.

As a team, we decided to prepare products that will allow you to take care of your daily diet at every level. Starting from getting your dream figure, ending with the extremely important nervous system and brain. Hardly anyone pays attention to the changes in our body over the years. If we want to stay young, we need to know ways to do it. We have the necessary knowledge, and we know how to use it to meet your necessary needs!

Our supplements are produced in a modern and innovative laboratory in the United Kingdom. The entire production process is carried out by the highest GMP standards. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our preparations have undergone the necessary laboratory analysis and are completely safe for your health. When using our products, we want you to know that you have received products that guarantee high quality and the highest standard.

Are you looking for confirmation of our assumptions? All supplements have been prepared using advanced production technology. The raw materials we have used have been tested for microbiological purity, and we have obtained the necessary certificates to enable our products to be sold.

We have selected each product’s composition using appropriate components that we draw from professional literature and reliable results of specialized scientific research. Thanks to this, we know that each ingredient in our products has valuable properties for the daily diet and the body’s proper functioning. In preparations, we focus primarily on diversity – our formulas contain amino acids, highly standardized plant extracts and essential vitamins and minerals. All ingredients have been selected in the right proportions, which allows for optimal operation and the necessary support to achieve the assumed goal.

Vegan and Vegetarian
100% Safe and Healthy
Certificate GMP
Non GMO Ingredients


We don’t beat around the bush, either it works, or it doesn’t. If you are looking for products that have a proven effect, they are safe and appreciate the naturalness is the right place!


The recipes of our products are months of research and hundreds of tests. Nothing is accidental here.


Safety is our top priority. We comply with all production standards and undergo strict tests to make you feel safe.


We live in harmony with nature and use 100% natural ingredients in our products.

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