How to support your own immunity?


How to support your own immunity?

An organism’s immunity is nothing more than its ability to passively or actively defend itself against pathogens.


Pathogens are pathogens. How can you help it? Find out in our article!

Immunity - what reduces it?

Immunity - what reduces it?


Good immunity of the body is something that each of us should take care of. Unfortunately, both lifestyle and other external factors can reduce it.

The factors that reduce immunity include:

– smoking tobacco,
– irregular nutrition,
– alcohol abuse,
– irregular lifestyle,
– stresses and emotional tensions,
– frequent travel and climate change,
– antibiotic therapy.

If you want to avoid diseases and infections, it’s worth eliminating them from your life.

Immunity and body care - does it connect?

Get rid of body fat by… eating!


Body care includes not only personal hygiene but also clothing. If you want to be full of strength, adjust your outfit to the weather conditions and be careful not to overheat. The clothes you wear should be airy and ensure proper air circulation. Take a bath or shower after each physical exertion. Also, try alternating hot and cold showers. While they may seem unpleasant at first, they will become more and more bearable with time!


Hardening – does it really strengthen resistance?


Do you know what makes our body harder? Air, sun and water. During hardening, the immune system is mobilized, which begins to deal effectively with viral or bacterial infections. However, in order to harden the body, you do not have to subject it to extreme temperatures. Take care of the right temperature in the room (18-20 degrees Celsius in winter). Of course, air the rooms daily and dust them regularly.


Vaccinations and stimulation of immunity

Vaccinations and stimulation of immunity


The vaccine will protect your body against serious and even fatal diseases. It stimulates the specific immunity of the organism. It is thanks to vaccinations when they come into contact with a microorganism that cells of the immune system begin to produce antibodies against microorganisms. Effect? The disease is mild.


Immunity and nutrition


Nutrition is very important. It’s hard to argue with that. A healthy diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients, is the key to success when it comes to building the body’s immunity. Pay attention to your diet especially in winter. This is when the appetite for thick soups, fatty and fried dishes grows. During this period, do not give up on vegetables and fruit, even though they are definitely more expensive than those bought in the summer season. However, they are an essential source of vitamins and minerals that build immunity. One of the most important immunity-building vitamins is vitamin C.


Vitamin C is the ingredient that reduces the permeability of capillaries and strengthens their walls. What does it mean? Increasing the resistance of the mucous membranes to infection, and thus greater body resistance! Support your body now and start supplementing with Vitamin C!

vitamin c

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