3 ideas for an autumn detox of the body

Autumn is the perfect time to detox your body. This is the time when our body adjusts to function in the winter season. It is good to prepare for this period by cleansing the body!


Fall detox - why is it worth it

The cleansed organism functions better. This translates into better well-being, appearance and susceptibility to infections. In autumn, we also want to maintain high immunity so as not to get sick and not to expose ourselves to sick leave at work. Detox stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins faster. In addition, it helps to avoid gaining unnecessary kilograms.

During the detox, deposits of impure substances will be removed from your body that effectively obstruct the functioning of key organs in your body. Don’t underestimate it! By performing a detox, you are doing your body a huge favor.


Fall detox – how to start? – tip number 1
One of the ways to cleanse the body is reaching for fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables: beetroot, pumpkin, eggplant, carrots, pears, plums, apples and cranberries. Include them in every meal and enjoy delicious salads, salads and smoothies. Additionally, eliminate stimulants, grain products, and sugar. You will help your liver this way. You can consider carrying out a juice treatment for a few days – then drink only fruit or vegetable juices. A portion of such juice will not only provide valuable minerals and saturate, but will be a real vitamin C bomb, which is so necessary to stimulate our immunity. Fall cleansing should be qualitative rather than quantitative, so forget about cutting calories drastically.

Fall detox and hydration – tip number 2
Another way to detox is to drink plenty of fluids. Hydration of the body, be it with water or juices, is very important and helps to compensate for losses caused by dry air in heated rooms. Wind and low temperatures also make the skin and mucous membranes drier. Remember that drinking juices – apart from irrigating or stimulating cleansing, is an additional portion of vitamins and minerals.

Fall detox and exercise – tip number 3
Another way to cleanse the body is to do sports outdoors. Such movement stimulates all bodily functions. Of course, you must not forget about appropriate clothing and hydration during training. Running, bike or brisk walk – what do you choose?


DETOX - a dietary supplement that will cleanse your body!

Do you eat healthy, but would like to give your body more cleansing? Reach for Detox – a dietary supplement that will help your body cleanse itself from the inside! Give yourself a chance to relieve your internal organs. The product is non-GMO and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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