4 facts about detoxing the body


4 facts about detoxing the body

Did nothing come of it? Do not worry! You just weren’t motivated enough!


You probably don’t take our word for it, that’s why we’ve prepared 4 facts about detoxing the body for you! We invite you to read!

Will you lose weight by detoxing? - TRUE

Will you lose weight by detoxing? - TRUE


Definitely yes! Toxins promote fat storage, which is why many people lose weight on a detox diet. It is also important that during the detoxification diet we eat less and healthier, we also do not consume alcohol and give up stimulants. After all, we want to get rid of the bad in the body, right? Many people eat less when detoxifying the body. Therefore, it is safe to say that cleansing diets are conducive to weight loss, because we limit calories during them! So if losing weight is your goal, be sure to detox your body! Add exercise to your routine, drink plenty of water and … surefire success!

After detoxing, our immunity strengthens - TRUE

Toxins are everywhere - there is no point in detoxifying the body - FALSE


Sure, we’re not going to argue that toxins are practically everywhere around us. Not only in water or food, but also in the natural environment. They are processed by our body and excreted through the liver, kidneys and skin. We cannot avoid toxins in the environment, so why burden the body with them? It is better to minimize their impact on the body and … detox them regularly!


After detoxing, our immunity strengthens – TRUE


After detoxifying the body of unnecessary deposits and substances, your immune system will wake up and become vigorous. You will be healthier, full of energy, concentrated, with a beautiful complexion and … you will get rid of sleep problems!


Detox can be done naturally - TRUE

Detox can be done naturally - TRUE


To bring about the balance of positive ingredients in our body, we should focus on providing it with the most natural ingredients. What ingredients are we talking about?

– Spirulina, Chlorella, Thistle, Dandelion, Ginseng, Onion, Garlic, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Zinc, Vitamins A, C and E reduce the damage to the body associated with the presence of heavy metals.
– Chlorella and spirulina remove mercury.
– Spirulina and zinc inhibit the absorption of dioxins from food.
– Folic acid is essential for the metabolism of arsenic.
– Alpha lipoic acid supports the detox process.


Don’t you feel up to doing a detox based only on healthy eating? Reach for Detox – a dietary supplement that will help your body cleanse itself from the inside! Give yourself a chance to relieve your internal organs. The product is non-GMO and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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