Cellulite – how to fight it?

Cellulite is nothing pleasant! It mainly affects women and is extremely rare in men. It is associated with excess estrogen in the body.


Cellulite is not only a problem for people who want to lose unnecessary kilograms or do not exercise too much, but also… a health problem! It is even more worth fighting with him!

Cellulite - what is it and where does it come from?

Cellulite - what is it and where does it come from?


Cellulite is sometimes called orange peel and it is nothing more than the fatty tissue that is visible under the skin in the form of thickenings. The reason for its formation is primarily microcirculation disorders – toxins are not removed effectively and accumulate in adipose tissue. This, in turn, begins to grow and puts pressure on the surrounding connective tissue, and the fat clumps into ugly lumps. Cellulite is most commonly found on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and sometimes also the arms. Unfortunately, it can affect any woman, regardless of age and weight.

Cellulite - what factors favor its formation?

Cellulite - what factors favor its formation?


Estrogens aren’t the only factor contributing to the formation of an orange peel. Also, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet can cause it. What else? People who eat processed foods, do not take care of a balanced diet, consume a lot of carbonated drinks, avoid sports, smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of coffee are particularly at risk of cellulite. Quite a lot of that, right?

Cellulite - how to fight / minimize it?

Cellulite - how to fight/minimize it?


If you want to get rid of cellulite, be sure to change your diet to a healthy one (e.g. ketogenic or vegetarian) and start practicing sports regularly. Believe us, in this disease prevention, is better than cure!

Take care of a balanced diet. Eliminate unhealthy foods from it and try to eat meals of fiber, vitamins, and fats every day. Hydrate your body! Water removes toxins from it. If you can’t swallow the water, go for tea or yerba mate.

If the last time you played sports in elementary school, don’t start with the gym right away. Go for long walks and exercise that you can do at home. Do this at least three times a week.

Can you do anything else? Take care of your care and reach for highly moisturizing cosmetics. Massage the skin with a sharp brush, glove, or a special massager. This will support the proper functioning of the skin.

Reach for Burn It and get rid of extra pounds but that’s not all. People who are overweight are indeed more prone to cellulite, so if you have unnecessary kilograms to lose, then… What are you waiting for? Get rid of them as soon as possible and your skin will thank you for it!

Reach for Burn It – a dietary supplement that will accelerate fat burning, prevent you from getting tired during exercise, and give you energy during the day!


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