Vitamin supplementation in the fall

Autumn is a time when we are more susceptible to infections, and our bodies even cry out for vitamins because we eat fewer fresh vegetables and fruits than in summer. Therefore, it is worth supporting your immune system by providing it with them. Thanks to this, we will reduce the likelihood of colds, flu, or other ailments. Although each vitamin contributes to the proper functioning of the body, not all of them support its immunity. Therefore, only a few vitamins deserve special attention. What kind? Find out in our article.


Vitamins supporting immunity

Vitamin D3 is produced in the body in the process of percutaneous synthesis due to sunlight. In summer, just 15 minutes of body exposure to the sun is enough to cover its needs. Unfortunately, it is more difficult in autumn and winter. The tangible symptoms of a lack of vitamin D3 are not only fatigue and drowsiness, but also increased susceptibility to infections.

According to the recommendations:
– adults should supplement vitamin D in the amount of 800–2000 IU / day
– adolescents aged 11-18 years should receive 800-2000 IU of vitamin D3 daily
– children aged 1-10 years should supplement vitamin D in the amount of 600–1000 IU / day depending on body weight and vitamin D supply in the diet.


Vitamin C is mainly associated with supporting immunity. According to the latest research, it can:
– reduce infection time by an average of 8% in adults and by an average of 18% in children
– reduce the risk of catching a cold in people exposed to intense exercise.

Vitamin C is provided by many products, such as vegetables and fruit. A properly composed diet allows you to meet the demand for this ingredient without the need to use vitamin preparations. Nevertheless, we know how it is, sometimes thinking about a healthy diet is beyond our strength. Then it is worth reaching for the supplementation of this vitamin, especially if we are:
– in the period of reduced immunity
– in the group of people who perform intense physical exertion
– during the recovery period after infectious diseases.


A healthy diet is essential

Of course, supplements will not replace a properly balanced diet. Make sure you have fruit and vegetables in every meal in the first place. Supplements should only be added when the daily diet is not able to meet the body’s needs.

If you feel that despite implementing the above tips, you still do not feel well during the autumn blues, then make sure to provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the outside. Get our Vita-min Complex now!

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