Vita-Min Complex

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Our Vita-Min Complex consists of 26 carefully selected vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning of our body.

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Vitamins are essential for the body to function properly. They influence the immune system, state of mind and looks. The deficiency of vitamins leads to numerous disorders and unpleasant afflictions. It is not always possible to supplement them simply by changing the diet.

The dietary supplement consists of a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals. It supports the harmonious functioning of the body and the processes constantly taking place in it. Among the product’s ingredients are B-complex vitamins, vitamins C, E, and K, as well as zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, calcium, and manganese.

Vitamins are key to good health. It’s crucial to provide the body with the right amount of them and prevent their deficiency.

Serving size: 1 tablet

Servings Per Container: 120 

Take 1 tablet, once a day.


The recipes of our products are months of research and hundreds of tests. Nothing is accidental here.


Safety is our top priority. We adhere to all production standards, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and all our products are rigorously tested to make you feel safe.


We live in harmony with nature and use 100% natural and highest quality ingredients in our products and our ingredients not contain GMO. 


We already have over 20,000 satisfied customers from all over the world.

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Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children under 18. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding woman, taking prescription medication or under medical supervision, consult a doctor before use.

Store in dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children all time. 


Hur Dar

All's good!

Stephen Tighe

great product, great price, will buy again!

John Marrington

Fast shipping, great packaging, very good value for money.

Janet Tolson

Best vegan multi-vit available

Simon Barrett

Helped my boyfriend who struggle to eat a healthy diet.

Margaret Matthews

I feel more energetic and has helped with daily bowl movements. Also had made my skin clearer.

Hamish Wood

Such a good vitamin for people with weaker immune systems.

Osagbe Peter

Good product and great service.

Archie Hind

This is very good quality multi-vitamin supplement.Although, some might find the tablet a bit bigger to swallow but it certainly works for me!

Robert McLucas

I've been using this product now for two weeks and I think I have noticed increase in energy. Would buy again.

Graeme Scott

High quality vitamins at an excellent price. Very happy.

Peter McCall

Decent price, vegan, okay taste

Leslie Westbrook

Provides your body with everything it needs to function

James Gales

Amazing product.

Leslie Hills

Good product, will buy again.

Sally Homer

Good product. Thank you.

Holly Milward

Good value, easy to swallow, good medication.

Ian Blades

Great supplements

Russell Miles

I have only tried these multivitamins but so far I'm happy with the product.

Miriam Munden

I think that these are great vitamins, me and my mum take them every day and we will definitely buy them again.

Jatinder Deol

Excellent product, better than the ones I was originally taking.

Neil Bland


David Coleman

I have only just started taking these multivitamins and so it is hard to say I can feel a visible difference but I feel better knowing I am taking a supplement.

Dean Landers

I have been looking for a suitable vegan multi vitamin for a some time which is also good value for money

Simon Nicholls

Wonderful product. Would highly recommend

Geoffrey Reynolds

Easy, simple. Great product

Christine Smith

great product and cheaper than most other brands.

Julian Pegg

Amazing.. Hairfall have stop

Sajjad Hussain

Excellent value. As yet I have not commemced using the tablets but I wìll once my present tablets are used up. So far all signs are good.

Sheila Moore

I was having some problema ans hairfall .. After using thia tablet I feel more energy and can carry on my work for long hours and having good sleep.

Ronald Higgins

Amazing product. Really good value with good spectrum of vitamins!Really love this company. Use them for all my supplements.

Gregory Brown

I love this product ♥️♥️♥️

Paul Clayton

Improving good health

David Vince

Really love this product

Florance Animashaun

I do feel these tablets have a beneficial effect on my health

Charles Boyle

Good volume of each vitamin. Easy to swallow

Philip Starr

I've only just started taking these for 3 days now and feel better for it already.

John Clifford

I bought that vitamins for my husband. It's great value. It helping him to keep good health

David Wright

Perfect supplement

Debra Holland

As expected - product and results of use


The vitamins are worth the price, they work very well.

James Chamberlain

I feel more energetic after 2 weeks of taking them every day.

Reginald Iles

Very good product worth the value. I am extremely pleased with the quality and I would definitely buy again!

Melanie Maw

Very good set of vitamins for a decent price

Clare McGowan

Great Value Multivitamins

Karen Devine

Top vitamins

Timothy Garland

The vitamins have made a difference to my life, this source of nutrition covers what I lack in my diet.

Betty Fletcher

So far so good

Shahid Azeem

Personally feel great for taking these. No issues taking the vitamins. Great size jar for price.

Clifford Hardy

Very Good value, Quick delivery

Arthur Robinson

Great multivitamins

Philip Rogers

Gets my health up

Simon Crittenden

5 stars ✨

Iris Roberts

Fast delivery and a high quality product

Brenda Chamberlain

Good value

Chris McDonald

Very happy of my purchase.

John Sutcliffe

I was and feel a lot more energetic.

John Downard

Everything I need and fantastic customer service!

Jill Goddard

Great value, fab product

Winfried Seeger

No after taste and easy to swallow.


One capsule containing all the most important vitamins and minerals. A package for 4 months of use at such a price and with such quality is a rarity.

Beryl Wright

These multi-vits are probably the best I've ever purchased.

Elizabeth Freestone

Very good product

Niamat Au

Excellent product

David Watt

Everything you would want in a multi supplement

Ann McAloon

Good price, good mix of vitamins and minerals. Well worth it!

Joyce Wildman

Definitely will recommend!

Roxanne King

Seem to be good multivitamins and at a very reasonable price.

Stuart Atkinson

Seems to work

Nicholas Ball

Very good value for money

Christine Holt

easy To swallow, not bad smelling, I feel good for taking them.

Alex Maw

Slightly difficult to swallow but a great all-round multivitamin for a great price.

Zheng Chen

Good quality product

Sophie Hughes

Very good vitamins

Salman Ahmed

Fantastic quality, value and vegan to boot!

Paul Blower

Seem to do a good job

Warren Davies

Great A-Z alternative to common brands..

Nick Arthur

A good product

Elizabeth Webb

Value for money vegan multivitamins

Mark Curtis

Good supplement

Garry Hudson

I have been taking these tablets for over a month now. I have noticed some changes to my fatigue levels and my nail growth. I

Kate Ashton

Great value for money, Vegan friendly and good NVR values.

Kevin McInerney

After reviewing lot of multivitamin, I decided to order these based on lot of positive reviews. Item came neatly packed and great value.

David Gray

All vitamins in one tablet. Good value

Shcobhana Patel

I think that these are great vitamins

Shirley White

Really good value for a quality product

Paul Roberts

Great value! It has all the supplements I need for my vegetarian diet.

Neil Brooks

I bought these for my son and now don't have to worry so much about his diet away from home.

John King

Brilliant and most value like for like

Michael Gregory

This product is good as it's got all the vitamins in one tab. Rather then taking lots different ones.

Desmond Dibley

MADE IN THE UK! Awesome!

Patricia Ferris

Great multivit

Gerry Burke

A very good purchase

Luke Smith

Lot's of energy

Patricia Kearley

life changers

June Shanahan

No side effects and they seem to be working, they keep me healthy

Christopher Nixon

A must in any household!

Anil Shah

As a vegetarian I've been taking multivitamin supplements for years and I'm very happy with these so far.

Raymond Elliott

Easy to swallow , doesn't leave nasty in mouth

Christopher Daniells

All's good, although the tablets are quite real complaints. 🙂

Rose Campbell

Arrived very quickly , large tub great value.

Allan Sands

Excellent product, recommended

Mandy Rogers

Most comprehensive multivitamin I could find - nice bottle too!

Sharon McCann

A Great Find & Nice Product

Saba Saleem

Good tablets - good coverage of minerals

Sarah Taylor

Arrived on time easy tablet well packaged.All the vitamins and minerals are displayed on the bottle. I will definitely purchase from this company again.

Judith Plant

I'm happy I discovered these.

Richard Manning

Great value for money and easy to swallow. Will be buying again!

Keith Forrest

So far so good. I have been taking these for 1 week so far and all good. I have had no aftertaste or reflux like some tablets can give me, which is always a bonus!

Keith Forrest

So far so good. I have been taking these for 1 week so far and all good. I have had no aftertaste or reflux like some tablets can give me, which is always a bonus!

David Rowson

Great customer service and quick delivery.

Andrew Baldock

These vitamin and mineral tablets give me a sense of security

Jason Gould

great value for money

Paul Kerr

Absolute value

Margaret Hayhurst

Best company for all supplements

Charlotte Bell

Great value. Go for these!

Anne Brown

Highly recommend buying this product...

Owen Murray

Bargin price

David Halfacre

A good product, let's see what happens 🙂

Steven Cochrane

Very easy to swallow

Daniel Wilde

Exactly what you expect

Alan Kennedy

Excellent product, bought this for my wife

Simon Collins

Whole sectrum of vitamins and minerals

Janet Davenport

Excellent value and product

Jacqueline Phillips

Wonderful product. Would highly recommend.

Susan Webster

I was really pleased to find a good multivitamin suitable for vegans.Order arrived sooner than expected.

Keith James

Great value and quality

Elizabeth Harris

Huge bottle for the price! Really impressed with the quality

Eric Brook

Don’t taste too bad and aren’t too big. Easy to swallow.

Neil Bingham

Great value for money!

Elizabeth Brooks


Elizabeth Brooks


Bjorn Thomas

good multi-vitamin tablet at a great price

Martyn Cranfield

Value for money!

James Kelsey

Great value product. I’ve been taking for a few weeks now and I feel great. It’s easy to swallow and the delivery was quick.

Steven Guy

Been using for few weeks now and so far so good.

Steven Guy

Been using for few weeks now and so far so good.

Lee Bishop

Recommended by a Vegan friend. I have never seen before so many beneficial ingredients in one tablet !

Lee Bishop

Recommended by a Vegan friend. I have never seen before so many beneficial ingredients in one tablet !

John Taylor

Worked a treat...recommended

Frances Pinnock

Exactly what I've been looking for

Joga Singh

Excellent value for money. Already feel a lot better physically and mentally after taking this product for a week, looking forward to feeling even better in a year’s time when the bottle’s empty!

Michael Harrison

Great value for money. A multi vitamin with everything I need with an easy to swallow pill and no aftertaste. I've only been taking them for a couple of months but already feel the benefits.

Robert Underhill

Fantastic product, a very happy customer I can see the difference already.

Peter Evans

just a good all rounder and at a good price

Ross Wakeling

One of the best product on the market

Peter Hill

They are my husband who is 76 and give him a boost during the winter months.

Marc Bell

Great multivitamin !

Dorothy Dunn

Fantastic customer service

Thomas Berger

Perfect product for me

Kevin Reynolds

I really like this company. Their vitamin products are straight-forward, no fuss.

Mohamed Alli

Have got more energy I realised this after only 1 week am hoping this trend continues have tried other vitamins with not as good results

Lisa McShane

My partner and I both take these and have seen a big improvement, they are excellent value for money to I highly recommend this product and will be sticking with them.

Michael Todd

top product!