Slimming – simple rules that you must follow

Do you have the impression that slimming is your hobby because you have been doing it hundreds of times? Have you tried everything but the weight is still not dropping? Or maybe you are a fan of restrictive diets that bring short-term effects and yo-yo? We have a way: approach it differently this time! Here are some simple rules that you should stick to if you want to PERMANENTLY lose weight. If you are skeptical about them, think about it: if you are reading this, it means that… Your previous attempts have failed. What’s the harm to try to act differently?


Slimming and changes ... gradual changes

One of the most common causes of weight loss failure is when you deliver too many stimuli at once. If you have never trained or followed any diet rules before, it may turn out that making all the changes right away is too burdensome for your body. Use the method of small steps so that your body adapts to the changes and can gradually respond to stimuli. Don’t throw yourself into deep water. Better to make modifications and slowly lose weight with small steps than not to introduce them at all!

Here’s the tactic: bring new challenges each week that will keep you healthy! For example:
a) limit sweets,
b) train every other day for an hour,
c) add a vegetable to each meal,
d) add one workout a week;
e) completely eliminate sweets;
f) train daily;
g) cut another 200 calories from your diet.
You will notice the effects after a few days!


Slimming and metabolism – it’s worth turning it up!

Fasting for a long time is the best way to suppress your metabolism. An organism that is not provided with food starts to use defense mechanisms that make it save energy expenses. Result? Although you eat very little, you lose weight just as little. Why do this? Regularity is important in losing weight, so provide your body with regular meals with an appropriate caloric dose that will be adapted to your goal, lifestyle and training plan.

Slimming is not losing weight quickly!

Let’s face it – you didn’t gain weight in one night, so you won’t lose weight in one night. The pace of losing kilograms depends on many factors – the amount of body fat, gender, training plan. However, it is worth assuming right away that you will lose weight more slowly than you think. And very well! Time will pass anyway and you will finally achieve your goal permanently!


Diet and tactics are the basis of weight loss!

When you introduce the rules from point one, it is worth writing a diet that you can stick to without sacrifice. Control your calories and subtract 200-500 calories from your total energy needs. You will increase this deficit over time. Are you afraid you won’t handle it? Consider using a dietitian.

Burn It - burn your body fat!

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