Burnout – how to fight it?

Burnout is a topic that has been discussed more and more in recent years. Loss of interest in work, dissatisfaction, feeling of constant overload, frustration … the symptoms of burnout are quite clear-cut, fortunately, they are easy to deal with!


Burnout - what is it?

Burnout is a prolonged emotional and interpersonal response to work that is chronic. It manifests itself in fatigue and frustration at the sacrifices made. Burnout is not pleasant and can lead to depression and other mental health problems, as well as cause emotional discomfort and exhaustion.


Burnout – symptoms

The list of burnout symptoms is very long. Here are the most popular of them:

– physical and mental discomfort in connection with work,
feeling exhausted
– decrease in motivation and discouragement to work,
– anxiety and a feeling of tension
– deterioration of the obtained results at work,
– extending the time of working on a task – simple routine activities may turn out to be problematic,
– insomnia,
– loss of faith in one’s abilities,
– the sense of incomprehension (on the part of colleagues, and superiors),
– headaches,
– weight gain or loss,
– reduction or even inability to concentrate,
– deterioration of well-being.
All of this hurts our lives and makes us shudder at the very thought of working.


How to deal with burnout?

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for dealing with burnout. However, the first step in improving your condition is to become aware of the problem.
The next step should be to seek help from a psychotherapist – he will help in implementing changes in everyday functioning. It is also helpful to find your passion and return to hobbies or activities that were fun in the past. They will help you break away from everyday professional problems. You can also try stress reduction methods and find solutions that will make it easier for you to cope with them. Exercise is also important – it helps to reduce tension.

In the case of occupational burnout, prevention is key. Develop and train – thanks to this, you will not have the impression that you are standing still. Concentrate on your tasks and get enough sleep. This will make you more productive.


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