New Year's Goals - 3 simple rules to help you achieve them


New Year’s Goals – 3 simple rules to help you achieve them

New Year’s goals are what characterizes December. It is difficult to argue with this statement. In December, we make summaries and make plans for the next year. These plans often take the form of New Year’s resolutions. No wonder.

New Year's Goals

 For many people, January 1 is an almost magical date that gives new opportunities and gives strength in implementing changes. If, like most people, you belong to the group of people whose New Year’s goals fail each year, then… read the article below. There are three simple rules to help you achieve them.

New Year's goals - where to start?

New Year's goals - where to start?


First of all: choose them and plan. These are supposed to be your wishes: not your mother’s or your grandmother’s. Only if the New Year’s goals come from deep within you and result from your needs and not other people’s expectations, will they have a chance to be successful.

List the most important issues for you and mark your priorities, which are what you would like to achieve in the next year.

Here is a list of provisions that make their way onto the list of many people each year. Maybe you will find something for yourself in it.

– I will start to eat healthier – remember that healthier does not mean healthy. You can indulge in sweets, unhealthy fast food or other pleasures from time to time.
– I will start exercising or doing some exercises – in January, gyms experience a real siege. It is known about this for a long time. If you don’t have the money to go to the gym, start by exercising at home, or you can try running.
Lose weight – This goal is linked to the points mentioned above.
I will read more books – classics.
– I will start traveling – in the current pandemic situation it may be difficult to do so, keep this in mind.
– I will start to sleep – because sleep is good for health!

The above provisions may become your goals for the next year. Take a piece of paper, a pen and write down the points that interest you. Also, come up with your own goals. Remember – focus only on what interests you!

New Year's Goals - Planning Continued!

New Year's Goals - Planning Continued!


Take a critical look at the prepared list. Maybe it is too long, unrealistic or not in line with your expectations? Is there anything on it that is impossible to achieve? It may be that you will have to postpone some goals, e.g. you are limited by your budget. Do not worry. In just over 365 days, another year and another New Year’s goals!

Here are some tips to help you implement your New Year’s goals. When starting to achieve New Year’s goals, it’s worth knowing how to increase the chances of meeting them. Here are some tips to help you better implement your decisions.

– Don’t plan too much.
– New Year’s resolutions should be specified, it helps in their implementation.
– Hang the list of provisions in a prominent place in the room.
– Share your plans with others. You’ll be ashamed if you don’t keep your word.

Once you have a meaningful list of New Year’s resolutions, focus on the action plan and its implementation. List exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

And now… we act!

And now… we act!!


It’s time to get down to business. From December 2nd, start achieving your New Year’s goals! Don’t give up if you forget one. Check the list on the wall frequently and be very proud of yourself.

Here are some rules that will help you implement your decisions efficiently:

– Make changes gradually – this is especially important during diet and exercise.
– Develop a system of rewards and punishments – some people need additional motivation to work and can help themselves in this way.
– Don’t stress – good New Year’s resolutions are the ones you make with a smile on your face.

Or maybe it's time to motivate yourself?

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