How to acquire knowledge faster?

Although you are past your baccalaureate exam, you still have the impression that the new knowledge you should acquire at work… is not increasing? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! Knowledge requires knowing the methods of effective learning. We will tell you about them in our article. Read on!


Knowledge and the use of pictures and poems

Mnemonics is a very popular learning method. It is useful for remembering facts, dates and patterns. When using this method, you use the resources of your imagination and associations that will allow you to give objects and places new meanings. For example, you can compose nursery rhymes and stories yourself, in which you can place the content you need to remember. Thanks to the use of brain resources that are not usually used during work, you will assimilate the necessary information.


Memory maps allow you to associate a lot of information with each other, and thus remember them in a short time. This method consists in drawing associations regarding a given thing on a piece of paper and presenting it in a spatial way. Remember to create the map in the very center of the map and arrange the topic you want to learn. Then drain points and sub-points in the form of branches and twigs. Don’t hesitate to use drawings, slogans or colors.

If you want to learn some material quickly, you should be interested in speed reading. The effects that you get in this way depend on our individual characteristics. After all, not everyone has a photographic memory that speeds up the reading process. Speed ​​reading widens the field of view and increases concentration, thanks to which it activates the brain! This is not only a learning method, but also an exercise!


What about these exercises?

Knowledge will not flow into your mind unless you exercise your brain. Do the following exercises several times a day and they will affect your concentration!
1) Start doing all the activities with the wrong hand,
2) Be productive and try to do a minimum of 3 activities at the same time,
3) Write and draw using mirror script,
4) While walking, try to cover as much terrain as possible.

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