Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3 – why is it worth supplementing regularly?

Most people associate vitamin D3 with its enormous importance in the growth of bones and teeth in children. Few, however, remember about its beneficial effects on the health of people of almost all ages. Why should you supplement it regularly? Find out in our article! Read it and remember!

vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 - what is it?

Vitamin D3 is known as the sun vitamin because part of its requirement is covered by skin synthesis. It takes place under the influence of sunlight. Dermal synthesis provides us with the most vitamin D, but in our latitude, meeting the demand is very difficult. It is assumed that to replenish vitamin D by skin synthesis only, at least 20% of the body should be exposed to the sun every day for about 20 minutes. Can you imagine it in winter, when the sun is practically non-existent? Exactly.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has many functions in the human body. These are among others:
– supporting the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth,
– helping in the proper use of calcium and phosphorus and in maintaining an adequate level of calcium in the blood,
– supporting the proper functioning of muscles,
– supporting the cardiovascular system,
– preventing the development of diabetes mellitus
– stabilization of blood pressure.

Vitamin D3, like a healthy diet and exercise, supports immunity. Thanks to it, the body can fight bacteria and viruses! No wonder that it should be supplemented regularly.

Vitamin D3 deficiency can have huge health consequences. It will not only affect the appearance of your skin and hair, concentration and sleep quality, but also morbidity.

Vitamin D3 and diet

In addition to supplementation, it is worth adding products rich in this vitamin to your daily diet. Talking about:
– sea ​​fish (herring, mackerel, cod, eel, sardines, halibut),
– egg yolks,
– milk and dairy products (not skimmed),
– fish liver oil,
– butter,
– cheeses such as: edam, cheddar, parmesan, camembert.

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Taking care of vitamin D3 is, after all, the basis of any healthy diet and… healthy lifestyle! Of course, that’s not all! It is also important to have an appropriate BMI and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If you feel that you do not have enough of this vitamin, do not forget to supplement it. If you do not know which preparation to choose, choose the proven Vitamin D3 100,000 IU dietary supplement developed by experts. It will cover your body’s requirements for this type of ingredient.

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