Excess body fat – the best ways to Burn It

Losing weight (i.e. simply burning fat!) Is a demanding and difficult process that requires a lot of sacrifices, tears and sweat shed at the gym.

Nobody in their right mind will argue with this! However, how to lose kilograms effectively (and effectively?). Well… we come to your aid on this topic! Below are some (seemingly) simple rules that you should follow if you want to improve the appearance of your figure!

Burning fat through training


The training aimed at getting rid of unnecessary fat should be based on a few fundamental principles. First of all – regularity and consistency. This is an absolute basis if you want to improve your figure. Choose cardio classes that last at least 40 minutes – after this time, body fat burns the fastest.

Take care of the proper heart rate during your training. For fat burning, the most advantageous range will be between 60% and 70% of the maximum value. This way you will burn calories the fastest. Above this value, your body draws its energy from sugars, not fats, which is what you want to avoid, right? Unfortunately, too low heart rate also reduces the effectiveness of the exercises. Also, don’t forget to regenerate! It’s best to train every 2 days, thanks to which your body will have time to rest. Also, remember to diversify your exercises – boring workouts are a real ordeal!

Get rid of body fat by… eating!


Yes, to lose weight you must eat! Fasting or very restrictive diets will bring your body more harm than good! First of all, take care of the regularity of your meals and their portions – they cannot be too large or too small. If you count calories, make sure that the caloric deficit does not exceed 700 calories – and by no means goes below your BMR! In this way, you will only lower your metabolism and your actions will be counterproductive!

When you see that you are losing more than 1 kg per week - act!


Unfortunately, if your kilos are dropping too quickly, you are starving yourself and you must immediately increase the portions of your meals because you are not providing your body with the right nutrients. However, a hunger strike means not only weight loss, but also … hair loss, brittle nails, irritability, loss of concentration, depressive thoughts, and a bad mood.

Are you looking for support in a healthy diet? - reach for Burn It

Have you tried all possible diets, but the kilograms do not drop and you are lifeless? Burn It is an effective aid in the fight against excess weight. It supports the weight loss process and burns fatty tissue. It adds energy that you will be more willing to discharge during training, and also reduces your appetite, thanks to which your path to your dream figure may become faster and more effective.

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