Yoga – it affects our body and mind

What exactly is yoga? Since the dawn of time, its goal has been to connect the body and mind through a variety of exercises – breathing, physical and mental. 


But that’s not all! Like meditation, it has a significant impact on our well-being, strengthens muscles, allows us to find peace, relieves stress and maintains internal balance. Interested? We invite you to read our article!


Yoga - the body and condition


It is hard to disagree that the mind and body interpenetrate each other. After all, we have been saying for a long time that a healthy body has a healthy mind (and vice versa). The state of our body really has a huge impact on our energy, attitude towards people, perception. The best thing about yoga is that it can be practiced at any stage of your life. After all, it is a way to achieve perfection: physical, mental and spiritual. Research absolutely proves that regularly practiced yoga increases cardiovascular endurance, anxiety and hostility. It also helps to reduce body fat and lowers blood pressure. It influences the improvement of circulation in various organs, especially in the brain and heart. It is also important that it improves metabolism and stimulates the endocrine glands. What are the conclusions of this? Properly practiced yoga is a surefire way to rejuvenate, prevent aging and improve your physical condition.


Yoga and our mind


Properly practiced yoga allows you to achieve a state of relaxation, tranquility and emotional relaxation. The exercises performed during her practice allow you to achieve harmony, happiness and balance. They are the best remedy for most health and emotional problems. Yoga poses combined with proper breathing techniques affect the endocrine glands, which take nutrients from the blood and secrete hormones. Yoga makes us feel calm, bad thoughts suddenly disappear, and we are more patient and less hostile to the world. Thanks to the relaxation of muscles and joints, our attention turns inward. The world is no longer a problem. This helps to calm the overactive mind and cut itself off from external stimuli. Breathing exercises have a significant impact on improving concentration and relieving stress.


How to practice yoga correctly?


If you are a beginner, you should start practicing under a watchful teacher. Yoga poses must be performed precisely in order to reach every part of our body. Only in this way will we ensure our purification and oxygenation. Yoga is for patient people because its long-term effects are not immediately visible. That is why it is worth being persistent. If you want to start practicing yoga, be sure to look for a certified teacher in your area. Only then does it make sense. Consider yoga especially when you start your fight with extra pounds. It will help you on your way to your dream figure!

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