Retinol – why is it worth using it?

Did you know that retinol is simply a derivative of vitamin A from the retinoid group? Yes! It is not a fancy ingredient, it is just a simple vitamin. It is very useful and popular when it comes to caring because it has properties that are desirable from the point of view of people who care for themselves.


If you’re wondering whether to start taking retinol, remember that it’s not that simple. Of course, we don’t want to discourage you right now, but check out the article below, as its use requires strict adherence to a few important rules. If you ignore them, your adventure with this ingredient may end very badly and with a beautiful complexion of threads! It is a pity that you would become discouraged from this substance. But let’s move on to the details.


Retinol - how does it work?

First and foremost, and most importantly, retinol fights free radicals. Thanks to this, your skin will look younger and more beautiful even after the age of 30. In young people, it is worth using it preventively, and in the elderly, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles. In addition, it is worth remembering that retinol regulates the work of sebaceous glands, which causes less sebum secretion. Sebum, as you probably know very well, is responsible for the formation of imperfections and … the glow of the skin. Retinol also helps to lighten discoloration that remains after acne.

Retinol – how to use it?

First of all, start slowly and the effects will take effect over time as you gradually increase the dose. The skin just needs to get used to the intense effects of this product. Start by applying retinol twice a week and keep using it for at least four weeks. If your skin responds well, you can increase the retinol in your skincare regimen up to three times a week.


Rules you need to remember

Below you will find a few rules that you must implement if you are starting your beautiful adventure with retinol.

1. Only apply retinol to thoroughly cleansed and dry skin.

2. After applying, wait for at least five to twenty minutes, then apply your regular moisturizer to the skin.

3. Only use retinol at night. Never for a day!

4. Every morning at the end of your skincare routine, apply sunscreen, minimum SPF 30. Retinol has photosensitizing properties, and prevention is better than cure.

5. Retinol is not recommended if you are expecting a baby.

6. It cannot be combined with AHA, BHA, and vitamin C.

7. Don’t put too much of it. Sometimes less is more. A droplet is enough to cover the entire face.


Also, remember that the skin should also be taken care of from the inside. Even the best care is useless if you do not eat healthily, remember to provide your body with vitamins and reach for supplements. Remember about the supply of collagen, which supports your skin and makes it look beautiful.

You can find it in our Marine Collagen dietary supplement. Only proper collagen supplementation will guarantee the delay of skin aging processes.

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