Proper facial care


Proper facial care

Facial care is a topic that gives many women a headache. After all, there are so many cosmetics, so many things you have to remember!

Proper facial care

It is enough to implement a few basic skincare elements. In our article, you will learn which cosmetics and in what order you should use them. We’ll also tell you what to do from the inside out for your skin.

Facial care and cleansing

Facial care and cleansing


Cleansing should always be the first and foremost part of your routine. Only with proper skin cleansing does face care make sense. Only it will allow you to get rid of sebum, dead epidermis residues, or layers of makeup. It will also allow the skin to breathe and restore its natural balance. How to cleanse your face? Adapt the products to your skin type and watch carefully if they do not harm you. Try micellar liquids, lotions, and gels. After using the cleansing cosmetic, your face should be smooth and tense.


Does the tonic matter?


It has huge! And, unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked elements when we think about the slogan ‘face care’. Facial cleansing destroys the natural acidic pH of the skin. This means that the skin loses its protective barrier. The tonic allows you to restore it. Remember to reject tonics that contain alcohol!

Face care with cream

Face care with cream


Cleansed and toned skin is ready to absorb nutrients. Apply the cream in the morning and evening. In the evenings, you should reach for a cosmetic with a dense, moisturizing structure. In the morning you can apply something lighter. Properly moisturized skin is the skin on which wrinkles appear later. Do not forget about it! Face care should always end with the application of the cream.

Taking care of the skin from the inside

Taking care of the skin from the inside - who would expect!


Even the most expensive cosmetics or the most professional treatments will be fruitless if you do not provide your skin with a healthy foundation in the form of a proper diet, physical activity, the right amount of sleep, or daily exercise. Your skin reacts immediately when something bad happens in your body, so take care of yourself. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, move instead of watching the show. All this will make your skin in better condition!

A healthy diet, rest, cleansing, using a tonic, protective creams … these are the basics that we often forget, and these are the secrets of a beautiful complexion. If you care about beautiful skin, then base your skincare routine on it. Remember that every woman is different and has different needs – the type of cosmetics and the frequency of their use should be tailored to individual needs.

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