Detox – what products will help us in this?

Detox – cleansing the body from the inside has become very fashionable in recent times. 

And very well! Relieving internal organs is an absolute basis for proper functioning. However, this does not change the fact that very few people know how to properly detox. So check where to start detoxifying the body and what products will help you with it!


What is detox?


Detox is nothing more than a term that in the medical literature refers to drugs or alcohol. It is used in the context of people’s addiction to these dangerous substances. In the mass consciousness, however, it functions as a practice that not only positively affects the functioning of our body, but can also be a worthy ally in weight loss. This is where the term ‘cleansing diets’ comes from. Toxins in our bodies are all pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and any other harmful substances that linger in our bodies.


How to properly detox?


There are many, many ways to cleanse the body. Some people fast for a few days, others drink only fruit juices, others use laxatives or hydro colon therapy (washing out deposits from the large intestine). These methods are effective, but… only temporarily! Research unquestionably proves that the most effective method of detoxifying the body is a healthy diet, rich in fiber and unprocessed food. It supports the functioning of our liver and kidneys, and these are the organs whose main function is to remove food debris from the body along with toxins.


When should you think about cleansing your body?


Watch your body carefully. It sends out signals that it needs help with cleansing. If you just feel that you are running out of energy, that you are constantly tired, irritable, have constipation and gas, and your face looks like the face of a person 50 years older, know that something is up. Detox should then be in the circle of your interests.

Detox support products

If you want to rid your body of toxins, start with your diet. Eliminate what is unhealthy from it and when composing your menu, take into account products that improve metabolism. What products are we talking about?

1. Water – perfectly hydrates, moisturizes and cleanses the body of toxins and deposits.

2. Fiber – increases intestinal peristalsis and cleans it of deposits, regulates bowel movements, absorbs water.

3. Green tea – neutralizes oxygen free radicals, effectively cleanses the body of harmful products of metabolism, supports digestion, accelerates fat burning and improves liver metabolism.

4. Apples – contain a lot of soluble fiber (pectin), which helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat.

5. Lemon – this fruit primarily supports the work of the liver and thus helps to cleanse the body of metabolic products, stimulates the work of the intestines.

6. Parsley – contains a lot of chlorophyll to aid detoxification.

Also add to your diet: aloe juice, cranberry, beetroot, millet, cabbage, celery. You will see the difference after a few days!

Of course, you can also reach for herbs such as: field horsetail, violet tricolor, dandelion, tamarisk, coriander, nettle, milk thistle, cistus, lemon balm and chamomile.


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A healthy diet is not enough? Support your body with our Detox supplement!

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