Immunity – how to take care of it in the fall?

Taking care of immunity in the fall is the responsibility of everyone for whom their health is important! Find out how to support it!


Why does our immunity decline in the fall?

Autumn is a period of increased incidence of colds and flu. It is not difficult to catch the virus. Especially if you are in large groups of people. Infection can only be avoided if the body’s immunity is taken care of. See how to effectively improve the body’s immunity.

What factors make up the work of the immune system? These are:
– sedentary lifestyle,
– inadequate diet,
– lack of rest,
– overwork,
– exposure to stress,
– insufficient hygiene (e.g. not washing hands after using the toilet).

During the autumn period, the weather conditions additionally disturb the body’s immunity. The following are also important:
– air in air-conditioned rooms,
– the diet is poorer in fresh vegetables and fruits,
– lack of sun is responsible for the decrease in vitamin D levels.
Sounds like the perfect environment to get sick, right?


Caring for immunity, you should remember about a few basic aspects.

Physical activity in the fresh air
A sedentary lifestyle definitely weakens immunity. Therefore, people who want to strengthen the body’s natural protective barrier should add physical activity to their daily schedule. Remember that training should be adapted to your abilities. Too strenuous training is counterproductive and tires the body and mind. Walk, walk or Nordic walking in nature, or maybe swimming? Choose what you like!

Healthy diet
Add colorful vegetables and fruits to your menu, which will provide you with vitamins and minerals, as well as reduce the risk of their deficiencies. The minerals needed include magnesium, iron, calcium. There must also be fatty acids and vitamins: C, A, E, D. Be sure to give up or limit stimulants and drink plenty of water!

Rest and relaxation
Fatigue and lack of sleep make the protective mechanisms in your body weaken. Take at least 15 minutes each day to relax, for example by taking a nap.
Strengthening immunity is a long and demanding process. Therefore, all actions taken by you should be long-term. The main thing is consistency! Healthy habits must accompany you every day, not just in the fall. Lifestyle has a permanent impact on your health and well-being.


Can I do anything else for my body? Vita-min Complex!

If you feel that despite implementing the above tips, you still do not feel well during the autumn blues, then make sure to provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the outside. Get our Vita-min Complex now!

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