Sleep – how to ensure proper quality?

Each of us is well aware that sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our body and (more importantly!) our well-being!


Sleep affects almost our entire body and ensures the regeneration of the brain, muscles and organs! Sleep is also the moment when our bodies are cleansed of toxins. However, for it to bring benefits that almost everyone dreams of, it should be calm and undisturbed.


The bedroom is key!

The place where you sleep should be your place of relaxation, no sounds from outside should reach it. Walls and interior design should be in other neutral colors, e.g. green. The right room temperature is also important – the lower the better! The optimal temperature for sleep is 18 degrees.


What would a dream be without … a mattress?

Choosing the right mattress is extremely important – only on the right one you can rest properly! An uncomfortable mattress is responsible for insomnia. Fidgeting and waking up is your body’s natural response to uncomfortable conditions. Remember not to save on the mattress! If your son is disturbed, even exercise, a healthy diet, and yoga relaxation will not keep you healthy!


Sleep and the evening routine

Caring for the quality of sleep, it is worth paying attention to the evening routine. First of all, you shouldn’t eat before going to bed, preferably for at least four hours. At night, your digestive system is supposed to rest, not work! If you drink coffee or tea, only use it until 4 p.m. Otherwise you will be awake and may have trouble falling asleep. At least one hour before going to bed, you should also give up on electronic devices such as telephones, computers, and TV sets. The blue light of the screen sends your brain a message that it should be active. Also, make sure that you get up and go to bed at about the same time. Our body likes routine – it has its internal biological clock, so it is worth working with it. As a result, the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle will function more efficiently and will ensure regular and better-quality sleep.


Do you follow all the rules we’ve listed, but still can’t get enough sleep? Then you should provide the body with ingredients that will help it regenerate! What is this about? About the 5-HTP diet supplement! It works like serotonin, i.e. it brings the body into a state of natural happiness and helps you fall asleep!

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