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3 simple rules on how to improve firm body

A firm body is something that all women and many men dream of. Many factors contribute to the reduction of firmness: reduction in the amount of collagen and elastin in skin cells, lack of hyaluronic acid (its concentration decreases with age).

firm body

But that’s not all! The lifestyle we lead also has a huge impact: diet, exercise, the water we drink, the nutrients we provide with food. So you have a huge influence on the appearance of your body, and we will tell you what you need to do to make it look good!

firm body

3 simple rules on how to improve body firmness


Rule number 1 for a firm body: keep your diet and stay hydrated

We know this sounds awful cliché, but what you eat affects how you look. You don’t have to eliminate all simple sugars from your diet right away, but know that it is sugar that destroys collagen fibers, and thus loses skin firmness. The diet should be rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. We recommend eating fresh vegetables, sprouts, seeds, whole grains, groats, legumes and nuts. Be sure to limit alcohol and remember to drink at least 2 liters of still water during the day!


Rule number two for a firm body: external care is also important

Take care of your skin also from the outside: invest in scrubs, brushing, and creams with an appropriate, safe composition. You don’t read the labels? Get started! Peels will help you exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal healthy, calloused skin and stimulate blood circulation. We don’t need to emphasize that peeling helps reduce body fat, right? Remember about moisturizing creams: this is the absolute minimum when it comes to taking care of yourself. Moisturized skin is beautiful skin!

firm body

Rule number three for a firm body: get moving!

Practice. Practice. Practice. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about wanting a firm body is physical activity. Indeed, it can improve her appearance. Exercise not only stimulates blood circulation, which distributes nutrients to the skin cells faster, but also allows more oxygenated blood to reach the cells. During exercise, fibroblasts are produced, i.e. proteins responsible for skin firmness. We don’t need to convince you any longer that exercise pays off?

firm body

Even the firmest body will not look good if you are presenting your body overweight. Deal with your body fat once and for all and stop getting tired while exercising! Reach for Burn It – a dietary supplement that supports fat burning and reduces fatigue during exercise.

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