Active Mind supplement formula – L-Tyrosine

It is hard to deny that amino acids are an extremely important element of the daily diet. The best example can be the fact that ingredients that fall under this term can be divided into two main groups – endogenous and exogenous.

The current market of dietary supplements allows the supply of amino acids in various forms. Online stores offer the purchase of preparations with single components (so-called mono-preparations) as well as advanced and multi-component mixtures. An important issue is that amino acids are also a frequent addition to a variety of supplements for various purposes. Similarly is with L-tyrosine, which for many years has been used as one of the elements of formulas focused on counteracting fatigue.

What do we call L-tyrosine?

L-tyrosine is a well-known chemical compound that is part of a rich group of twenty proteogenic (protein) amino acids. The endogenous nature of this compound means that it is naturally produced in our body. The main component in the process of L-tyrosine synthesis is another amino acid (exogenous), which is called phenylalanine. This amino acid is a common component of our daily diet – it is found in large amounts in protein – that’s why deficiencies of phenylalanine (and hence L-tyrosine itself) are extremely rare cases that are usually observed in extreme malnutrition and prolonged fasting.

Unfortunately, the amount of L-tyrosine produced by endogenous synthesis repeatedly turns out to be insufficient to maintain its optimal operation and to induce the desired effects in the human body. States of excessive stress and tension of the nervous system often require additional supplementation with L-tyrosine, which is well known for its strengthening properties. It is also worth taking care of your daily diet and enrich it with some products that have a fairly high content of this amino acid.

Natural sources of L-tyrosine in the daily diet

  • Parmesan cheese
  • Soy protein and seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Thin cottage cheese
  • Fresh and dried pumpkin seeds

Remember, however, that the absorption of active ingredients from food is limited. The nutrients and nutrients released during digestion are not fully assimilated. Therefore, it is worth taking care of additional support for the body in the form of regular use of L-tyrosine in the form of various preparations.

What is the effect and use of L-tyrosine

L-tyrosine appears many times in the composition of dietary supplements. The amino acid is a popular element of sports pre-workout supplements, in which, together with many other active ingredients (e.g. caffeine, guarana, L-arginine or L-carnitine) many times it supports the body during exercise. All thanks to the real impact of L-tyrosine on the nervous system, which is not only during physical effort is exposed to a real test of possibilities. Everyday situations, work responsibilities or ordinary stress also affect our overall psychophysical condition.

An essential element in the synthesis of neurotransmitters

The most important properties of L-tyrosine are its clear participation in the process of natural dopamine production – an extremely important neurotransmitter, which determines, among others maintaining proper work of the nervous system, stimulating the secretion of certain pituitary gland hormones, regulating adequate muscle work. It is also worth mentioning dopam in the context of psychomotor drive, which is associated with human temperament and spontaneity to perform all activities.

Dopamine deficiencies are usually associated with many serious neurological diseases. A good example is the popular Parkinson’s disease, which (in a nutshell) contributes to a pronounced and progressive impairment of human mobility. Prophylactic and systematic L-tyrosine supplementation can prevent against dangerous and unwanted dopamine deficiencies.

Take care of good mood and well-being

Another and equally important task of the described neurotransmitter is to influence the appropriate feeling of emotions. Dopamine, due to its direct involvement in the mechanisms of neurotransmission of nerve information, enables the regulation of the human body’s response to various types of situations. L-tyrosine in connection with the proven effect on the total content of dopamine may be useful for increasing the feeling of pleasure, stabilizing well-being or reducing the risk of developing depressed mood. Repeatedly, a deficiency of dopamine can result in a significant decrease in the overall level of motivation, which causes a decrease in our performance. It can therefore be assumed that L-tyrosine can be important in the context of increasing mobilization and increasing productivity.

Improving adaptation to stress and excessive nerves

L-tyrosine indirectly (i.e. through the synthesis of dopamine and its further conversion to norepinephrine) affects the formation of another and very important neurotransmitter, which is adrenaline. This extremely popular chemical compound often referred to as the “fight and stress hormone” provides the body with adequate mobilization to work and helps maintain proper psychomotor stimulation. Thanks to this, adrenaline allows the body to achieve a “state of readiness” in situations perceived by our system as a potential threat, which causes, among others improved focus, increased total energy, and less fatigue (equally in the physical and mental sphere). What’s more, L-tyrosine can be useful for increased body adaptation under the action of intense stressors, e.g. high noise, extreme temperatures, high altitude or a sense of pressure resulting from a small amount of time (e.g. work for short periods).

Other properties of L-tyrosine

  • Positive effect on thyroid gland regulation
  • Participation in the skin pigmentation process, which results in the improvement of its color and appearance
  • Impact on natural collagen synthesis and strengthening of e.g. bones or skin
  • It may prove to be valuable support during slimming and weight regulation

Why was L-tyrosine included in the Labosal Active Mind product?

The comprehensive formula of Labosal Active Mind could not do without an ingredient that would allow real support for the natural synthesis of neurotransmitters. For this purpose, L-tyrosine was used, which is widely known for its direct involvement in dopamine synthesis. This in turn is a guarantee for maintaining proper well-being, appropriate response and feeling of emotions, and will also reduce the negative impact of persistent stress. L-tyrosine is great for people whose work requires extremely high concentration and many times involves the implementation of a large number of tasks under the pressure of a small amount of time. Choose wisely and wisely – preferably with Labosal Active Mind!

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