Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)

Active Mind supplement formula – Small-leaved bacopa (Bacopa monnieri)

Speaking of natural adaptogens, it’s hard not to mention the small-leaved bacopa – a plant that has recently become an extremely popular ingredient in dietary supplements and any range of preparations that support the proper functioning of the nervous system.

No wonder! Small-leaved bakopa, like ashwagandha, lemon citron or Peruvian pepper, turns out to be valuable support during periods of increased psychophysical activity. Optimal stimulation of the nervous system is an ideal solution for people who want to take care of themselves and counteract the growing load without excessive stimulation.

What is small-leaved bacopa?

The plant called bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) is another natural component of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Although it is found primarily in India, it also occurs in other areas of the world. It grows primarily on moist ground and wetlands, which is why it can be repeatedly seen on sandy beaches, swamps, vast rice fields or within water bodies.

Water hyssop, Brahmi or simply bakopa has been used in folk therapeutic practice for many years as a means of supporting the work of the nervous system and psychological activities (including memory functioning and maintaining proper focus). The Indian population has repeatedly used Brahmi to counteract anxiety, a natural tonic ingredient that facilitates adaptation to extreme environmental conditions. Small-leaved bakopa extract is obtained virtually from the entire plant, which is why each of its parts turns out to be a valuable herbal raw material.

The main active substances of bacopa are ingredients classified as steroid saponins, which are called bacosides. It is bacosides that determine the positive impact of the plant on the condition and functioning of nerve structures and determine the adaptogenic potential of the natural extract, which is a component of dietary supplements.

Other active ingredients contained in small-leaved bakopie

  • Phenolic compounds
  • Tannins and terpenoids
  • Apigenin and Lutonin
  • Natural phytosterols
  • Various organic acids
  • Amino sugars, proteins and carbohydrates

Find out about the action and use of dorbnolistowy bakopa

Small-leaved bacopa, like other plants classified as adaptogens, has a number of beneficial effects on the nervous system. The wide spectrum of use of the Brahmi extract has been recognized by manufacturers of dietary supplements who repeatedly use its properties for their preparations. First of all, we are talking about optimizing the work of the entire body during periods of increased psychophysical involvement.

Reduction of excessive stress

The results of many scientific studies prove that small-leaved bakopa extract may have a beneficial effect on reducing the level of Hsp70 protein – a protein perceived by specialists as one of the fundamental markers of stress. Increasing protein levels signal the exposure of brain cells to factors potentially threatening our nervous system (e.g. high temperature, high osmotic pressure or hypoxia). Limiting its production is tantamount to mitigating the effects of stressors or their total silencing.

On the other hand, one cannot forget that the Brahmi extract has a positive effect on the overall level of synaptic activity of the system. As a result, neurons are more efficient at providing information in the form of nerve impulses. Professional literature informs that bakopa limits the adverse decrease in the level of some neurotransmitters (e.g. adrenaline or serotonin), which is one of the elements of counteracting the effects of long-lasting stress.

Feeling good and improving your mood

The systematic use of bakopa extract may have valuable value for the production of some neurotransmitters. Particularly noteworthy is its direct contribution to the increase in the total level of serotonin, which is one of the main factors maintaining proper well-being. In addition, the Brahmi extract has a positive effect on its transport (by stimulating some protein components), and also stimulates production (due to the effect on the activity of the enzyme involved in the synthesis process). It is worth adding that the active ingredients contained in the extract (i.e. the mentioned bacosides and bacosaponins) can contribute to the reduction of anxiety and help normalization of excessive voltage levels.

Beneficial effect on memory and cognitive functions

The bacosides found in the extract of small-leaved bakopa show a beneficial effect on memory. First of all, they allow optimal stimulation of blood flow through brain structures, which is positive for maintaining proper long-term memory. Secondly, the bacopa extract allows real stimulation of the cholinergic system to limit the activity of enzymes that cause acetylcholine degradation. This action helps to maintain proper focus and attention, and also reduces the sense of distraction.

Nervous system protection – neuroprotective potential

Small-leaved bakopa extract also proves to be a beneficial way to increase the protection of nervous system cells. First of all, bacosides have a valuable impact on reducing lipofuscin, which helps reduce aging. Brahim is also a plant with exceptional cleansing properties. In addition to effectively counteracting free oxygen radicals and intensifying the action of enzymes presenting antioxidant potential, small-leaved bacopa extract allows for effective removal of harmful heavy metals from the body through the chelation process. In addition, it allows the normalization of glutamic acid levels, which may be disturbed in some neurodegenerative disorders.

Other properties of small-leaved bakopa extract

  • It helps to normalize cholesterol levels
  • Supports the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Has a beneficial effect on reducing blood pressure
  • It is often recommended as an ingredient supporting the treatment of peptic ulcer disease
  • It can be valuable for protecting the intestines thanks to and preventing stomach disorders


Small-leaved bakopa extract in the Labosal Active Mind supplement is another component focused on the normalization of the nervous system. The active ingredients contained in the plant clearly reduce stress levels and stimulate the proper functioning of cognitive activities. Thanks to this, it can be assumed that the Brahmi extract will be used to optimize the work of the body of people living at full speed. Together with the other adaptogens contained in the preparation, it will allow comprehensive help during increasing psychophysical fatigue, and will also help maintain optimal condition at high stress levels. In turn, pronounced antioxidant and detoxifying properties determine the use of bakopa to protect neurons from the effects of adverse components, e.g. heavy metals. Choose wisely and wisely – preferably with Labosal Active Mind!