Wrinkles – how to reduce them?

Wrinkles are a big problem and cause complexes for middle-aged women and men. In our article, we will tell you how to prevent wrinkles and eliminate the ones you already have.


Prevention is the key


It has long been known that prevention is better than combating. In addition to the obvious preventive method of using sunscreen and avoiding the sun during peak hours, here are some ways to help you delay the wrinkle process.

Frequent massages of the skin with the use of appropriate cosmetics stimulate the production of collagen, which improves elasticity and firms our skin. Such creams can be used preventively and to eliminate imperfections, as long as they are not very deep. Creams for wrinkles are designed to tighten and smooth the skin. So you can say that their action is similar to injecting the face with acid, but it is by no means invasive. Therefore, we use good creams to lift the skin without the use of needles. Face massage while applying the cream is also beneficial – repeat it at least twice a day, and after a few weeks you will notice the effects!


Wrinkles and diet and lifestyle


Use prophylactic products full of vitamins A, C, E and K. They will nourish your skin. Foods that contain these ingredients include eggs, potatoes, carrots, fish, spinach, things, and milk. If you are unable to consume any of these foods, be sure to invest in dietary supplements. Besides, remember that a healthy body has a healthy mind! Smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol is not conducive to the condition of your skin. Hydration is also very important in maintaining the condition of the skin. Poorly hydrated skin slackens and loses its elasticity. Consuming green tea is also worth considering as it delays the aging process.

Wrinkles don’t disappear? Don’t worry! First of all: they don’t make you worthy: sometimes your predisposition to them is genetic. Despite the lack of results, take care of yourself and your well-being: get enough sleep, train (even, and maybe especially if you don’t like it) and eat healthy. Do not make your health or happiness dependent on the appearance of your skin.


Take care of your skin from the inside - Marine Collagen

Remember also that the skin should also be taken care of from the inside, not only through a healthy diet or home treatments. Collagen is an ingredient that is responsible for the radiant appearance of your skin. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough in us. That is why it is worth supplementing it! You can find it in our Marine Collagen dietary supplement. Only proper collagen supplementation will guarantee the delay of skin aging processes.

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