Vitamin deficiency - how it manifests itself


Vitamin deficiency – how it manifests itself

Vitamin deficiency, or avitaminosis, is a disease in which there is a complete lack or severe deficiency of one of the vitamins.


Vitamins are components necessary for the functioning of the entire body, therefore vitamin deficiency can be very dangerous and is associated with the occurrence of characteristic symptoms.

Vitamin deficiency - types


Avitaminosis can occur as a primary or secondary disease. Primary avitaminosis is one that occurs when the body’s supply of vitamins is limited. Secondary vitamin deficiency is when the supply of vitamins is correct, but as a result of various diseases or an incorrect lifestyle (drinking alcohol, smoking), certain vitamins are lost or improperly absorbed, or assimilated.

Vitamin deficiency can be very difficult to diagnose. Very often, in the presence of various clinical symptoms, the search for specific diseases begins, but it is forgotten that they may be caused by a deficiency or lack of a vitamin.

If avitaminosis is found in the body, oral supplementation or administration of the vitamin via the muscle or intravenous route is used.

Vitamin deficiency - symptoms

Vitamin deficiency - symptoms


Vitamin deficiency has symptoms that depend on what vitamin your body lacks. Below, we take a look at the most common deficiencies and their implications.


This vitamin is found in animal products and as a provitamin, it can be found in some plants. Its lack in our body can manifest itself in the so-called night blindness or night blindness. Dry eye, corneal or entire eyeball syndrome may develop. It also plays a huge role in building immunity.


Its lack has been very publicized in recent years, and that’s a good thing! Vitamin D is responsible for strengthening our bones! It also regulates blood pressure. We can find it in cheese, eggs, and liver, so people who follow a ketogenic diet will not be exposed to its lack. Lack of vitamins from this group is manifested by irritation, decreased concentration, and muscle weakness. It also leads to anemia, accelerates skin aging despite proper care, and means worse wound healing and problems with sleep.

Vitamin deficiency - K

Vitamin deficiency - symptoms



This inconspicuous vitamin plays a huge role in the blood clotting process. It is also a very important element in the metabolism of the skeletal system. Its source is liver, green vegetables, plants, tomatoes, and eggs – healthy eaters do not suffer from a lack of it. It is manifested by coagulation disorders and a tendency to internal and external hemorrhages.


Vitamin B2 ensures the proper functioning of the nervous, respiratory and visual systems. It plays a very important role in the construction and regeneration of the skin. Its lack is manifested by seizures and excessive hair loss. This can be avoided by consuming milk, meat, or dairy products, therefore the lack of it is felt by almost all people on a vegetarian diet.

Vitamin deficiencies are very dangerous. They can be avoided by following a healthy diet, by regularly practicing outdoor sports, and by getting enough sleep.

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Vitamin deficiency, vita-min complex

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