Vitamin D


Vitamin D – find its source in the spring

Vitamin D is a vitamin that our body produces when exposed to sunlight. In our climate, however, there is little sun, so we should take special care to provide it with food. In the article below, we’ll tell you where to find this amazing ingredient! But let’s start with the basics – what is vitamin D?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D - what do you need to know about it?


Of course, the main and most efficient source of vitamin D is sunlight that reaches our skin. Unfortunately, in Europe, an appropriate level of synthesis of this ingredient is possible only from May to September. Then we should regularly (every day) sunbathe. It is enough to discover 18% of the body for 15 minutes for vitamin D to be produced in our body in an amount corresponding to 2000-4000 IU units. per day. However, these calculations do not take into account the obstacles that may interfere with the production of this ingredient. They are:

– air pollution,
– cloudy,
– advanced age,
– use of creams with a sunscreen above SPF 15,
– increased skin pigmentation.

These obstacles mean that the skin’s exposure to the sun should be longer. In the remaining months – except in spring and summer – we should supplement it and make sure that it appears in the diet we use.

vitamin D

Vitamin D - what products should you look for it in?


You will find the most vitamin D in fish. Fresh eel excels here, but salmon also has quite a lot of it. If you do not like eating fish, try to reach for sushi, necessarily of good quality, i.e. sushi containing also vegetables and fruit! If you like Polish fish and you enjoy eating herring, then know that it also has a lot of vitamin D. Sardines, cod and tuna have slightly less of this vitamin. However, this does not mean that you should give up on them.

Vitamin D is found in mushrooms. it is best to choose mushrooms:

– shitake,
– maitake,
– morels.
– mushrooms.

If you like dairy products, that’s great! Vitamin D is also found in milk (minimum 2% fat), yellow and mature cheeses. It’s also worth eating egg yolks from time to time!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D - in what vegetables and fruits can you find it?

Fortunately for fans of the vegetarian diet: vegetables and fruits also contain a lot of vitamin D. It is present in oranges. Unfortunately, contrary to the dietary myths that are repeated on the Internet, fruits such as avocado or sea algae have very little. Taking care of vitamin D is the basis of any healthy diet! Of course, that’s not all! It is also important to have an appropriate BMI and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If you feel that you do not have enough of this vitamin, do not forget to supplement it.

If you do not know which preparation to reach for, choose the proven Vitamin D3 100,000 IU dietary supplement developed by experts. It will cover your body’s requirements for this type of ingredient.

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