The most common causes of trouble falling asleep


The most common causes of trouble falling asleep

It is said that how many people have so many problems with falling asleep. Indeed, it is a big problem for a large part of society. Problems with sleep have great health consequences and therefore should be dealt with quickly.

The most common causes of trouble falling asleep

Of course – one or two sleepless nights is not a big problem, but chronic trouble falling asleep is… quite another and can have adverse health effects. During sleep, our body and mind regenerate, and then important processes in the hormonal balance take place. Prolonged insomnia hurts the psyche and puts the body into a state of general fatigue, it also affects the work of internal organs.

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Types of sleep problems


It is estimated that every person has had a problem with falling asleep at least once during his life. This is due to many factors – the fast pace of life, eternal changes, stressful work, the multitude of deadlines and projects.

The classification of problems with falling asleep looks like this:

1. Problems with falling asleep – most often caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. We talk about them when, despite going to bed, we cannot fall asleep for half an hour after putting our heads to the pillow.

2. Waking up at night – frequent waking up at night disrupts sleep phases and makes us sleepy in the morning, even though we theoretically slept the whole night.

3. Frequent wake-up calls – most often they are related to some stressful situation or fears that await us the next day. They make us sleepy during the day and we don’t function as well as if we slept through the night.

4. Insomnia – we talk about it when problems with falling asleep or frequent waking up at night make it difficult or impossible for us to rest or regenerate.

What are the causes of trouble falling asleep?


There are many causes of problems with falling asleep. The most frequently distinguished are:

1. improper lifestyle, failure to observe the principles of proper sleep hygiene,

2. stress and life changes,

3. genetics,

4. mental disorders,

5. a drug or drug abuse.

As you may have guessed, the most common cause of trouble falling asleep is the number one cause, which is an inappropriate lifestyle and poor sleep habits. Difficulties with falling asleep are favored by leading an irregular lifestyle, frequent and long naps during the day, drinking a lot of drinks containing caffeine (coffee, cola, energy, tea), not having a daily schedule, eating large meals just before going to bed or drinking plenty of alcohol afternoon or evening.

To fall asleep properly, you need to do sports, because our body needs physical effort, especially in the open air. It can be, for example, yoga or meditation in nature. In the evening, it is also recommended not to look at the screens, because they stimulate the brain to act – it is best to calm down with a book or in the bosom of nature.

The most common causes of trouble falling asleep

How can I deal with problems falling asleep?


First of all, remember about optimal conditions in the bedroom – the room where you sleep should be aired and moisturized. It should also be dark. Eliminate all distractions – TVs, radios, clocks ticking loudly. Treat the bed as a place to sleep. Do not perform any other activities on it – do not read, do not solve crosswords, do not eat … At first, you may find it difficult, but the idea is for your brain to associate that the bed is the place where you sleep. We have already mentioned the ordering of your lifestyle – do it for your health.

5-HTP is an effective aid in the fight against insomnia. It supports the production of serotonin in the brain, thanks to which it brings it into a state of pleasant lightness and reduces stress! It will help you fall asleep in a painless (and non-addictive!) Way!

5-HTP for a good night's sleep

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