Supplementation – we answer 5 most frequently asked questions

Supplementation and building muscle tissue and burning fat – does it make sense? Well: we answer briefly! If you care about well-being, beautiful appearance and supporting the building of muscle mass, then… definitely yes!


Below we answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about this product group.


Is supplementation enough to build muscle?

Well, we will disappoint you – unfortunately not! When building muscle mass, an adequate caloric supply in the diet is also necessary – a positive balance is a key issue. Then, properly selected training and supplementation. Take care of these three aspects and you will soon be enjoying your great muscles!

Is supplementation with gainer nutrients a good idea?

In principle, there are no contraindications for this, but only if you are not able to provide yourself with calories in a different way, e.g. through healthy meals. However, pay attention to the composition of such supplements and make sure that your diet is healthy and nutritious after all: full of vegetables, fruit and protein.


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Does creatine supplementation make sense? Or is it reserved only for real athletes?

Creatine is a very safe supplement that helps build muscle mass. This translates into an increase in strength and endurance, so reach for it even more if you want to build muscle tissue or lose weight.

After losing weight, is it necessary to continue using BCAAs?

Not necessarily! Supplementation of branched chain amino acids when we want to protect our muscles against catabolism. During the period of building mass, when we supply more calories, there is no such fear, therefore the use of BCAAs is not necessary.

How to increase the amount of protein in your diet? Will whey work in this case?

Yes of course. The difference between isolate and whey protein concentrate is the calorific value. Whey protein concentrate in its portion has more carbohydrates and fats, but this should not be an obstacle for us if we want to build mass or develop a beautiful figure!


Burning Fat - what to remember?

Burning body fat is a difficult task. It is not worth making it difficult for yourself. You should control what you eat: eat vegetables and fruit and follow a diet that suits your lifestyle and preferences. When you choose the right physical activity for you, decide only on the one that will be pleasant for you: swimming, running, exercising at home, gym … whatever you dream of!

A Burn It… well… Burn it will only make it easier for you to burn it and make the results come faster. Order it now!

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