Supplementation – how to approach it?

Does supplementation make any sense? Yes of course. We are even tempted to say that it is essential for a person who cares about their health! Even the best-balanced diet and restriction of stimulants and products with not very interesting ingredients will not make you be able to provide yourself with everything that will ensure your proper and proper functioning!


Supplementation - what do you have to do before you start it?


Before you run to the store to buy half of the available supplements, plan the right strategy. You can go to a specialist, such as a clinical dietitian. He will ask you to perform basic tests, such as complete urine morphology and urinalysis. It will also analyze all your ailments, take into account your lifestyle, diseases, age, gender, and emotional state. Do not laugh! All these issues are very important when choosing supplementation. Only in this way will you fix the shortages.

If you are unable to go to a specialist, you can try to choose the supplements you want to take on your own. Below we present the characteristics of supplements supporting the body. They cannot hurt you, but do not buy them all out at once. Start with 4-5 packs of the most urgent ingredients and add the rest as you watch your body.


Supplementation and supplements - types of products


5-HTP – is one of those supplements that are classified as ‘mood enhancers’. It improves mood and reduces symptoms of depression. It helps in falling asleep due to the presence of serotonin and participates in the production of melatonin. It also reduces the appetite because it stimulates the satiety centers. If you are often sad or sleep badly, you should try it out.

BIOTIN – contains biotin, i.e. a vitamin known as H or B7. It is very useful for brittle nails or brittle hair. It prevents skin changes such as rashes. People who use biotin supplements have hard nails and beautiful, shiny hair. Beautiful looks matter to you? You must reach for BIOTIN!

ACTIVE MIND – a real combo for those who care about their mind! It reduces stress and improves memory and concentration. It also significantly affects the quality of sleep. Reach for it if you work a lot and are exhausted and you cannot afford a longer vacation.

BURN IT – a hit among people who care about a beautiful figure. Accelerates fat burning and reduces the desire for sweets. It also reduces the appetite and makes the body tire more slowly. Reach for it if you want to lose weight!

COENZYME Q10 – an essential ingredient that allows the proper functioning of the body. It is found in almost every cell of the body. You should take it prophylactically if you ever reach for fast foods or alcohol. It prevents the development of cancer, has a positive effect on the immune system, and helps maintain the proper condition of teeth and gums.

DETOX – do you feel heavy? Detox is for you! It will cleanse your body of deposits and all bad substances. Say stop to the toxins.

MARINE COLLAGEN – a dietary supplement in capsules that contains marine fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. The product is designed for all people who care about beautiful hair and nails and support immunity. This is one of the ‘must have’ on your list.

VITA-MIN COMPLEX – contains all the ingredients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Second on the ‘must have’ list. The vitamins and minerals it contains will not only improve your health but also your well-being and appearance.

VITAMIN C – vitamin C should be used in periods of reduced immunity and prophylactically in autumn and winter. It helps to recover and restore balance to the body.

VITAMIN D3 – the ‘sun vitamin’ produced by the skin in contact with sunlight. It should be supplemented by everyone living in Europe. Third ‘must have’ on our list. Order it now!


Supplementation is of great importance in the case of adipose tissue. The proper distribution of macronutrients and vitamins is crucial in the weight loss process, and disturbances in the vitamin and mineral metabolism can stop the weight loss! Take care not only of your diet and exercise but also reach for dietary supplements that will help you achieve your dream figure. One of them is Burn It, which you should try if diet and exercise are not working. Thanks to it, you will deal with your fat tissue once and for all and curb your appetite for sweets! Reach for Burn It – a dietary supplement that supports fat burning and reduces fatigue during exercise.

Supplementation is of great importance. Don’t underestimate it.

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