Supplementation - 5 benefits of using during training in the gym

Many people who attend classes at fitness clubs or gyms are afraid of nutrients, and the word 'supplementation' makes their hair bristle. Meanwhile, it absolutely shouldn't be like that! Supplements (properly selected and from trusted sources) have many, many health benefits! Their selection, of course, depends on your training goal and diet, so in the article below we will not answer the question about what you should take, but we will tell you why.


Supplementation and increasing energy

Products containing creatine support the body during strength training and prevent it from feeling as tired as it should, taking into account the intensity of training. Creatine supplementation contributes to the fact that training is performed with greater intensity. It also increases the volume of muscle cells and improves protein synthesis in the body. If you train in strength and you want to ensure an adequate supply of energy in your body – be sure to reach for it.

Protein, protein – protein everywhere, and with it… muscles

It’s hard to hide – whey protein is the most purchased supplement in the world. The diet of every exercising person should contain a lot of protein, and powdered whey is the perfect complement to it. A protein supplement is a wholesome source of protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids. Depending on the protein deficiency in the diet, this supplement should be eaten with or between meals. It is also recommended to eat a protein shake right after waking up or immediately after training. The presence of protein in the diet is essential for muscle growth: without it in the diet, you will not be able to build muscle tissue. Do not forget about it!


Supplementation and vitamin and mineral deficiencies – increasing efficiency

Probably everyone in this world is deficient in some vitamins or minerals. They are essential for proper functioning. If you are a physically active person, you have a higher supply of vitamins and minerals than a person who does not train. This can reduce your body’s performance during training and slow muscle growth. These nutrients also improve your overall health: they increase immunity, prevent muscle cramps, and accelerate the recovery of the body. Without them, the exercise is pointless!

Fat reduction with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Scientists have long proven that the consumption of omega-3 acids speeds up metabolism, stimulates the thermogenesis process and makes your body obtain more sugars from consumed carbohydrates and helps to store them in cells in the form of glycogen. Omega-3 fatty acids can also support blood circulation, allowing the transport of nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. To sum up – their supplementation helps to reduce body fat and build muscle mass.


Help in regeneration!

BCAA or branched-chain amino acids is a free form of amino acids such as: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Their supplementation contributes to the immediate nutrition of adipose tissue after hard training. They are constituent elements of proteins, which means that they are used to build new protein structures. You must take them if you want to regenerate! Of course, you can ignore the benefits we’ve presented and decide that you don’t need supplementation. Just think if it’s worth it… after all, it means that you will have to train more and longer.


Have you tried all possible ways, but the kilograms do not drop and the muscles do not appear? Burn It is an effective aid in the fight against excess weight and support in training. It supports the weight loss process and burns fatty tissue. It adds energy, which you will be more willing to discharge during training, and also reduces your appetite, thanks to which your path to your dream figure may become faster and more effective.

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