Summer detox – everything you need to know about it

Summer detox – with the advent of high temperatures, longer days and the prospect of vacation trips, many people start to think about it. Is it worth it? Does it make any sense? How to properly conduct it? We answer all these questions in our article!


Summer detox - will it change your life?


Most of us want to look perfect in summer. There is nothing strange about this. Skimpy outfits and the prospect of going to the beach or swimming pool are great motivations to finally take care of yourself. Remember – if you feel comfortable in your body, your overall health and well-being also improve. A summer detox can be a prelude to changing your life and your self-perception. We highly recommend you carry it out! Besides – let’s face it. Summer is a time when we usually have more strength and energy to act, and thus we also have a better mood and are more motivated. It is during the summer that most people feel they can move mountains.


Summer detox - exercise


Start the summer detox of your body from scratch – increasing physical activity. After all, summer is conducive to any sports activity. You are well aware that exercise is health: it improves well-being, has a beneficial effect on the quality and duration of sleep, and helps to maintain a proper weight and slim the figure. Running, swimming, exercise at home, walks or maybe a bicycle? The choice is huge! Also remember that (unfortunately) exercise is not everything. Huge impact on the condition of your joints and overall the traffic status of the day have the steps you take. It’s very easy to forget them after all, in sedentary work, we make them during the day around 1000. Well… it’s time to change that! After work, instead of taking a nap, take a short walk! It is important that you choose the sport you like and that you go for walks in places you really like (no, the cake shop doesn’t count!). Otherwise you’ll quit soon. If you like challenges and competition, arrange volleyball with your friends or basketball instead of going to a party on Saturday night. Or maybe it’s time to try it out badminton, squash or tennis?


Summer detox - diet

Maintaining a diet during the holidays is not easy. Snacks, barbecues, ice cream, drinks during the holidays … well – admit it – a lot of choices! But look at it from the other side: with one grilled sausage you will not gain weight and ruin your habits, but if such a sausage is popped every day and washed down with beer every time, it can drastically affect your caloric balance. So take care of the basics while detoxing! Eat 4-5 healthy meals, introduce fresh vegetables and fruits and limit alcohol. Only this and so much. Also, avoid a late dinner. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, eat them best unprocessed. They are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and microelements, and the fiber they contain will help remove from the body accumulated toxic substances – and that’s what the summer detox is all about. Good luck in detox!

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