Slimming – 5 proven ways to lose weight after the summer

Holidays are over, autumn is ahead of us, that means… slimming! During autumn it is easy to gain weight and… add unnecessary kilograms to those left over from holiday madness. Want to lose fat after summer? Read our article! Thanks to it, you will learn five proven methods to burn unnecessary kilograms.


Slimming and calories downside (caloric deficit)

The caloric deficit is the basis for losing kilograms. The rule is simple – you eat less than you eat, you lose weight. You eat more than you eat, you get fat. Only this and so much. Make sure you have a negative caloric balance – not only by cutting calories from your meals, but also by moving more and adding workouts to your routine. An additional dose of movement will make your NEAT increase. As a result, you will be able to eat more. But remember that too much is unhealthy. The deficit cannot be more than 500 calories a day, because then the yo-yo effect is guaranteed!

A bottle of water is the best friend of any person trying to lose weight. Drinking between meals prevents snacking and overeating during them. It also has a direct impact on the expenditure of energy supplied with food.


Coffee is a drink that will get you back on your feet after a hard night. It also has a significant impact on shedding unnecessary kilograms. Caffeine supports thermogenesis, which contributes to increasing the burning of calories.

People who want to lose weight should give up dreams that they will achieve their dream figure with the help of crunches or rompers. If you want a beautiful appearance, add cardio, HIIT, Tabata or ascents to your workouts. These are high-intensity exercises that make you burn calories even after you’ve finished your workout!

Fiber is one of the most important dietary ingredients. It strongly supports slimming, because, like water, it provides a feeling of fullness, thus preventing the supply of extra calories to the body. It also has an extremely strong influence on the proper metabolism. Add fiber-rich foods to your menu now!


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