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Skin care – facts and myths

Skin care: we’ll talk facts and myths about it. We will also cover a few topics that are misleading and can negatively affect facial care.

skin care

Skin care - facts and myths

It is necessary to care for the skin around the eyes after the age of 35 – MYTH

The skin around the eyes and eyelids is very thin. It is characterized by a sparse distribution of collagen and elastin fibers, the lack of fat cells and mobile muscles. You should take care of the skin around the eyes after the age of 20, or even earlier, because it ages twice as fast as in other parts of the face. Add eye cream to your cosmetic bag now!

Facial care can be performed with a serum instead of a cream – MYTH

The face serum is a cosmetic that only enriches our care. It contains more active substances than cream. It is an additional element of care that will make it even more effective when combined with the cream.

Day and night cosmetics make sense – TRUE

Your skin has different needs depending on the time of day. Morning care should be focused on hydration and protection. The morning routine should include cosmetics that provide the skin with hydration and antioxidant properties, eg serum with vitamin C. During the day, you should use a cream with a UV filter.

skin care

Hair care does not make sense without a tonic – MYTH

The tonic is designed to restore the natural pH of our skin, but it is not necessary because research shows that our skin can restore the pH spontaneously. Now, most face cleansing products contain mild cleansing substances and physiological pH, so using a tonic is not necessary.

People with oily skin cannot use face oil – MYTH

Sure, oils can clog oily skin, as long as they are wrongly matched, of course. If you want to add oils to our care, and you have oily or acne-prone skin, choose those with regulating and antibacterial properties, e.g. tamanu oil or hemp oil.

Every skin needs hydration – TRUE

There is still not enough talk about moisturizing the skin. Each type of skin needs hydration, because moisturized skin is not dehydrated and less prone to dryness and wrinkles. If you don’t moisturize your skin, it will produce sebum.

skin care

Take care of the skin from the inside - Marine Collagen

Remember also that the skin should also be taken care of from the inside, not only through a healthy diet or home treatments. Collagen is an ingredient that is responsible for the radiant appearance of your skin. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough in us. That is why it is worth supplementing it! You can find it in our Marine Collagen dietary supplement. Only proper collagen supplementation will guarantee the delay of skin aging processes.

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