Rhodiola Rosea

Active Mind supplement formula – Rhodiola Rosea

Arctic, rose or golden root are the common names of the popular plant adaptogenic component, which helps relieve the body in stressful situations and states of intense overload.

Memory problems, poor well-being, a small amount of energy – these are just some of the consequences of high levels of stress and long-lasting feelings of exhaustion. Plant adaptogens such as the rosary can be a valuable addition to stimulants (e.g. caffeine) as well as vitamins and minerals (e.g. magnesium, vitamin B6) supporting the work of the nervous system.

What is a Rhodiola Rosea ?

The Rhodiola roseai is a plant whose natural habitat is the northern and central parts of Asia and some parts of Europe. Rosary perennials grow primarily in the mountainous regions of the areas mentioned, where the low temperature and rocky surroundings prove to be beneficial for the peaceful development of the plant.

Our ancestors already appreciated the valuable influence of the mountain rosary to preserve the proper functioning of the body. In ancient times, rhodiola was used as a tonic and strengthening agent at high levels of fatigue, in the East this plant was seen as a natural way to reduce aging and maintain immunity. To this day, rose root extract is used as a natural adaptogenic agent, which owes its properties to a large number of accumulated active ingredients.

It is the root of the rosary that is used to prepare the extract, whose main active substances are rosa and salidroside. Their properties support the work of the nervous system through beneficial effects on, among others improving mood, regulating the level of neurotransmitters, reducing fatigue or counteracting free oxygen radicals. The presence of additional ingredients promotes the optimization of the body’s work and facilitates the conservation of energy.

Other active ingredients contained in the Rhodiola Rosea

  • Flavonoids
  • Mono and triterpenes
  • Essential oils
  • Tannins and cyanogenic glycosides
  • Organic acids (e.g. gallic)

Discover the properties and application of the Rhodiola Rosea

Rose root has been used for many years as a plant adaptogenic agent, whose task is to optimize the conditions and mode of work of the body in the face of intense stimuli. Excessive stress and the momentum of everyday life can really be felt, which will affect the functioning of the psychological and cognitive sphere. The Rhodiola Rosea, thanks to numerous active ingredients, can help normalize irregularities and help maintain an appropriate dose of vitality.

Positive effect on the level of neurotransmitters

The active substances contained in the extract of Rhodiola rosea root prove to be valuable support for maintaining proper concentration of neurotransmitters. It turns out that the aforementioned rosin and salidrosides have a beneficial effect on reducing the breakdown of catecholamines such as dopamine, serotonin or noradrenaline. In addition, an extract of the rosary can have a positive effect on increasing the penetration efficiency of neurotransmitters. Ketcholamines condition the proper functioning of the brain and ensure proper signal transmission between neurons.

Improving psychophysical adaptation of the body

The optimal level of neurotransmitters translates into the proper functioning of the body in everyday life. The correct concentration of dopamine and serotonin is important for perception, focus or analytical thinking. Rhodiola extract will be used in the case of high involvement of the nervous system, e.g. intensive office work or science. Therefore, rosavins and salidrosides can be used to supplement other adaptogenic components, including ashwagandha, gotu kola or small-leaved bakopa.

The positive properties of the active ingredients contained in the golden root extract will also be beneficial for people with an increased level of physical activity. Athletes, people working in shifts or seniors can use Rhodiola rose extract as a natural way to reduce increasing fatigue. The plant has been seen for many years as a component that helps maintain an adequate level of vitality, and also facilitates functioning with an increasing sense of fatigue.

Beneficial effect on well-being and mood

Exhausting psychophysical activity combined with long-term stress promotes a limited concentration of the aforementioned neurotransmitters. Too low levels of dopamine and serotonin significantly translate into deterioration of mood, which may lead, among others to sleep problems, increased irritability or depressed mood. Nervous system abnormalities at the level of neurotransmission may be one of the risk factors for developing depression. The interaction of rosavia and salidrosides contained in the extract of Rhodiola root may prove valuable for neutralizing the feeling of anxiety, increasing motivation and ensuring an optimal dose of energy for everyday functioning.

Other properties of mountain rose extract

  • Supports the fight against oxygen free radicals
  • It can help reduce the adverse effects of oxidative stress
  • It can contribute to maintaining proper work and heart condition
  • Increases myocardial protection and minimizes the risk of developing a heart attack

Why was the Rhodiola Rosea included in the Labosal Active Mind product?

The presence of a Rhdiola Rosea extract in the Active Mind supplement allows to intensify the product’s adaptive character and to provide optimal support for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Rosemary, salidroside and other active ingredients found in the plant root extract help maintain proper well-being, support memory work and may contribute to reducing the effects of long-term stress. Extract from the rosary extract of the preparation from the company Labosal can have a positive effect on psychophysical condition and facilitate coping with high levels of fatigue. Thanks to plant adaptogens, you can maintain the necessary focus and endurance while avoiding excessive and uncomfortable feelings of agitation. Choose wisely and wisely – preferably with Labosal Active Mind!

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