Productivity – 5 things that affect it

Productivity is almost everyone’s dream. If we achieve it – we are satisfied with ourselves, while when it falls – we feel bad about ourselves. This is because productivity allows us to achieve the intended results and makes us happy with life. So let’s get to know her inside out! After all, success lies in … knowledge! In our article, we will show you five things that have a significant impact on productivity! But let’s start with the specifics – what is productivity?


Productivity - everything you need to know about it


To put it simply (encyclopaedically) – productivity is the ratio of the produced and sold production at a given time to the labor put into this production. Translating into the language of ordinary mortals – it is the ratio of everything that we have done in a given time to the work put into it. We can talk about good productivity when we achieve great results within the allotted time. Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? Apparently, it is enough to do your own … well, no! We live in a time when we are surrounded by many distractions, and we, as beings who prefer to rest rather than work, give in easily. That’s why it’s worth working on improving your productivity. How? Here are five things that significantly affect it.


Productivity - five factors that affect it


Below you will find five things that have a significant impact on your productivity. Remember! Their awareness does not eliminate the problem at all. You have to work on them constantly!

Work plan

This is absolutely essential. You can write tasks on a piece of paper, use an app or an external task management program. It doesn’t matter. It is important that your plans are realistic and correlated with your goals. Don’t ignore the power of good planning – after all, what, if not this, will allow you to properly manage yourself over time?

Order in the workplace

Keep the workplace tidy, if only so as not to get distracted and to have all the essentials at hand. A clutter on your desk is a mess in your mind, and that’s probably what we want to avoid, right?

Work smart

Don’t do unnecessary work. Don’t focus on the crap. Delegate tasks if you can. Time is money (and happiness).

Take care of breaks

Breaks, next to the plan, are the basis for smart work! The time you spend on rest paradoxically means that the time needed to complete the task will be shorter. In addition, breaks allow you to keep your minds clean, so get up from your computer every now and then and take a walk. This will allow you to catch a little breath, improve your mood and improve concentration.

Look after yourself!

Eat healthy and get enough sleep. In addition, try to exercise at least twice a week at home or in the gym. Visit the pool occasionally and supplement with vitamins. It is important what you eat – a healthy body is a healthy mind, and after all, it is essential for carrying out tasks at work, right? Do not neglect this aspect!


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