Nails – how to take care of them?

Nails are a showcase not only of every woman but also of a man. It is worth making sure that they are strong, healthy, and shiny. Fortunately, achieving this effect at home is not too complicated – it is enough to implement a few care rules and stick to them consistently. Of course, it’s also worth taking care of your health: a healthy diet, exercise, hydration, and maintaining healthy body weight. After all, nails say a lot about our health, mental condition, and well-being. In our article, we present six rules that will allow you to take care of them!


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Sawing? Yes, but… in such a way that the nails are not torn.

The absolute basis for keeping your nails in good condition is their even filing. Crooked and broken not only look unsightly but are also bothersome and irritating in everyday activities: they get hooked, pull on clothes, and break. Saw them dry only, using a glass or paper file. Always do it one way. This way you will avoid jagged edges.

Cuticles around nails – only moisturized!

Take good care of the cuticles around the nails. Moisturize and oil them, preferably with olive oil or special olives with vitamins. Move the skins gently with a rubber or wooden hoof. If you want to cut them out, do so gently and carefully to avoid contamination.


Beautiful nails can only exist if you use protective gloves

Avoid cleaning and washing dishes without protective gloves. Detergents and soaking the nails for too long harm not only them but also the skin of the hands. Household chemicals contain powerful active substances that dry out and can irritate the skin, so protect it against them. Remember to wash your hands after removing gloves and protect them with hand cream.


Hand cream is the basis!

Nails love hand cream, so use it every day, preferably after each wash. Cream not only the back of the hand but also the entire hands, including the fingers and wrists. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen creams regularly. The skin on the hands, as well as the skin all over the body, needs protection against UV rays.

Keep your nails away from your mouth!

Never bite your nails or cuticles. This is a very bad habit that can make your hands look catastrophic and can lead to infections and difficult-to-heal wounds. If biting is related to stress or insomnia, be sure to take care of your mornings and analyze your nutrition, relationship with stimulants, and work. Just take care of your health.


Biotin - take care of your nails from the inside!

Biotin is a very popular ingredient belonging to the group of B vitamins, which not only affects hair growth, but also improves the condition of the skin and nails (similar to Collagen). If you want a beautiful, trouble-free hairstyle, be sure to include it in your diet. How? Reaching for pure biotin in capsules. The effects will surprise you!

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