Morning rituals


Morning rituals – how to take care of them regularly?

Morning rituals are the best way to treat yourself to well-being, energy during the day, and willingness to work! Everyone knows about it, but few people care about what they do in the morning. In our article, we’ll show you a few ways to get your day off to a good start, and we’ll tell you how to take care of your rituals regularly. Fruitful reading (and action, because reading alone should not be the end)!

Morning rituals

Morning rituals in your relationship with the alarm clock

You need time to implement your morning rituals. Literally. If you get up at the last minute, having previously pressed the snooze button several times, then… from rituals and a well-started thread day! Contrary to appearances, such extra naps do not make you sleepier – during the five extra minutes of sleep you will not sleep or rest! Not only that, they are the reason why you wake up broken. So if you want to gain time in the morning for what is important to you, you need to unlearn how to snooze. How to implement this morning ritual? Our tip: will put the alarm clock away from your bed. Once you get up to turn it off, it will be silly (in front of yourself!) Going back to sleep.

Morning rituals: hydration

Instead of reaching for a coffee in the morning, it is better to drink a glass of water. After the night, your body is dehydrated and needs water just like you need oxygen. A glass of water drunk in the morning will stimulate your intestines. You can add vegetables or fruit to it, if you can’t swallow a regular one, just remember to reach for it before making your own coffee! Make drinking water in the morning a habit and a permanent part of your diet.Our tip for introducing this morning ritual is to prepare a glass of water in the evening and put it by the bed.

Morning rituals

Morning rituals: get moving!

If you managed to get out of bed earlier, it is worth spending at least fifteen minutes on gymnastics: stretching, spinning a hula hoop or just running. You can try yoga and meditation or just do some of your favorite basic exercises. These can be ordinary bends or rompers. Exercise awakens your body to life and produces happiness hormones that will keep you energized for the rest of the day.
Our tip for introducing this morning ritual? Reward yourself for a dose of movement with something you like, e.g. a chocolate cube.

Why is it worth starting the day well?

Morning rituals are a great way to just live better and happier. Thanks to them, you will keep energy and good mood all day long. Remember, however, that not only they determine your happiness: also take care of your diet, give up stimulants and fast food, regularly engage in sports and get enough sleep. You will feel the difference after just a few days!

Morning rituals

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