losing weight


Losing weight – what mistakes are you unable to lose weight with?

Do you feel like you are constantly losing weight but never losing weight? This article is for you! We will present the most popular mistakes that prevent you from reaching your dream weight!

losing weight

Slimming and magic calories!

Lowering the caloric value below the basal metabolic rate can make the body (paradoxically) burn fat slower and slower. This is because our body saves energy for the most important life processes, so it stops dealing with what is not prioritized. Low-calorie diets can also contribute to lowering the synthesis of thyroid hormones, thus causing disturbances in the functioning of this gland. By eating little, you are slowing down slower and slower!

losing weight

Many people who are slimming do not know that in the initial stages of reduction they mainly lose water and muscle tissue. This is very unfavorable because our metabolism depends on the level of muscle tissue. Exercises that activate individual muscle groups result in the growth of muscle tissue and its reduced loss during reduction. Therefore, it is much better to add training than to cut calories! People who exercise strength burn more calories throughout the day.

Too much physical activity is also disadvantageous. If we overtrain ourselves too much, we overburden our bodies. What is it causing? The lack of proper regeneration puts a strain on the endocrine system. So instead of improving the figure in this way, we make our body barely hesitate!

losing weight

The vicious cycle of weight loss!

Diet is not something temporary. Unfortunately, many people treat him like this and after reaching their dream weight, they return to their old eating habits and start to exceed their energy requirements again. Effect? Putting on weight and returning to the diet again. Needless to say, each subsequent attempt to lose weight is more difficult, right? If you want to lose weight permanently, change your habits permanently!

In a healthy reduction, there is room for all products: also for beloved sweets or crisps. Nay! Leading a healthy lifestyle, you also do not have to give up a barbecue with friends or dinner at your parents’ house. Everything is a question of quantity. When fighting for your beloved weight, never treat your favorite food as an enemy, because it will only make you want to eat it even more. Realize that healthy eating and exercise are good for you. They determine your health and happiness. If you return to your previous weight after losing a large number of kilograms, then the next time you try to lose weight, you will start with a higher level of fat cells than before slimming. Is it worth it? Probably not!

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