Hair loss


Hair loss in summer – how to deal with it?

Hair loss in summer is a problem faced by almost everyone. Heat, stuffiness, high temperatures, storms, droughts … all these things affect our health and hydration. Unfortunately, high temperatures also have a significant impact on the condition of the hair, and their protection should be our priority. The higher the temperature, the shorter the hair’s lifespan. It happens as a result of the hair entering the so-called telogen, or the resting phase. It is estimated that up to 70% of the hair on the head may be affected.

Hair loss

Hair loss in summer - why does it happen?

In humans, as in animals, hair has a protective function and protects the skin against heat loss. When it gets hot outside, this protection is reduced and the hair is falling out. However, this is not a cause for concern. Hair loss in summer is a seasonal phenomenon and does not affect the overall condition of the hair. However, it is worth supporting your hairstyle with natural methods of hair growth, e.g. onion juice, apple cider vinegar rinse, or egg mask. Unfortunately, we do not influence what the weather will be like during the holidays. It’s important to remember, however, that avoiding the sun altogether will not ultimately benefit you. The summer season promotes tan and the use of natural vitamin D. Scientists have proven that a significant increase in temperature and more frequent sun exposure shortens the hair’s life by up to 70%.

Hair loss

If you notice that you are losing much more hair in the summer than before, don’t panic. Fortunately, this phenomenon is temporary. If you want to accelerate hair growth and stop hair loss, change your diet to one that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Eat raisins, sweet potatoes and olive oil. An unhealthy diet is a guaranteed deficiency of key vitamins and minerals, and they have a huge impact on the general condition of our body, including the condition of hair and nails. Vitamin H – biotin, which is found in liver, spinach, eggs and carrots, is especially useful in inhibiting hair brittleness. Vitamin A is also important, as it is responsible for the metabolism of hair cells. To replenish its level, eat more cheese, milk and tomatoes. It is also worth supplementing your menu with products rich in vitamin B, which affects the general condition of the hair and its thickness, vitamin C supporting the production of collagen and vitamin E, which stimulates the blood supply to the scalp. Of course, micronutrients such as iron and zinc are a separate issue. In order for their concentration to be at the appropriate level in the body, it is worth eating red meat, offal, eggs, cocoa, millet, buckwheat, barley, dairy products, nuts, broccoli or green beans.

You can also try the natural flaxseed fenugreek and nettle. Also use vinegar or herbal rinses and try to condition your hair with mild shampoos. Always wear a hat or a scarf before leaving the house – it will be a natural barrier against UV rays. Don’t let summer hair loss spoil your holiday joy!

hair loss

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