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Hair care – proteins, emollients and humectants

When you hear ‘hair care’ do you panic? After all, hair conditioners, masks and shampoos contain so many mysterious ingredients! Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you should look for in cosmetics. Pay attention to the three groups of substances: proteins, humectants and emollients. They will help you balance the care of your hair and provide it with all the necessary ingredients. Remember that your hair is made of protein in the form of creatine and water. This means, no less than that, that the preparations you use on them should help repair damage and maintain their natural moisture. You can only get it with the help of proper care.

hair care

Proteins are designed to rebuild the hair, humectants balance their hydration, and emollients protect the natural moisture of the hair against evaporation. However, you cannot overdo any of these ingredients, because it will bring … deplorable effects on your hairstyle and only spoil your mood and stress you out!

hair care

Hair care and proteins


Proteins are simply proteins or a sequence of amino acids. Our hair is made of them and they are responsible for their resistance to damage. Every hair needs proteins because they rebuild its structure. If they are missing, the hair is limp and difficult to style. They seem dead and tired, they are damaged, brittle and brittle. This condition of the hair is achieved by negligence related to the inappropriate application of conditioners or masks. Hairdressing and home treatments also play a significant role in damaging the hair. How to recognize that a product contains proteins? It should include: soy protein, milk proteins (also hydrolyzed), keratin, collagen, wheat proteins (also hydrolyzed), amino acid, silk (also hydrolyzed).

hair care

Humectants - what are they about and is it really hair care?


Simply put, humectants are substances that absorb or help retain moisture in the hair, keeping it moisturized. We can find them in many popular cosmetic products. It is worth noting that they can be both natural and artificial.


How will you know that your hair care requires the use of humectants? After your hair is either dry and brittle or coarse and puffed up. If the hair is very greasy, it may also be a sign that it is crying out for hydration! What ingredients of hair cosmetics are humectants? Glycerine, honey, panthenol, lecithin, propylene glycol, honey, aloe, urea, agave nectar, sorbitol, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid, fructose.

hair care

Hair care and emollients - the secrets behind them


Emollients are used in dermatology to soften or treat very dry skin. They are all kinds of oils or other fats. They increase the hair’s ability to retain water which, unfortunately, evaporates quickly. Oils protect them from drying out.


Your hair needs emollients if it is very frizzy and you can’t control it. They are an important ingredient in hair masks and conditioners and work especially well to protect ends with a tendency to split ends.


How to recognize emollients in the composition of cosmetics? These are: argan oil, olive oil, other natural oils, shea butter, jojoba butter, silicones, mineral oils, paraffin.

Watch your hair closely and react to what it looks like.

Only this will allow you to answer the question of what hair care will provide you with a beautiful hairstyle. However, remember that a proper diet, exercise and rest are also key in hair care. So is good supplementation. Check our hair products: Marine Collagen and Biotin.

hair care

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