Fat burning


Fat burning process

Burning fat tissue is a process that is commonly called slimming and results in the reduction of fat in the body. Adipose tissue is made of cells called adipocytes. Their amount in the body is constant because they are produced around the age of two. However, they are of different sizes – they can increase or decrease. In the article below, we break down not only the fat tissue itself but also the process of its burning.

Fat burning

Fat burning and its functions in the body


Although people who are slimming often do not think about it, a too small percentage of body fat is not beneficial for the body. The energy stored in adipose tissue in a healthy body is enough to live about forty days without food. Adipose tissue also acts as a heating system for the body and protects the body against hypothermia. It also participates in the processes of lipolysis and lipogenesis, i.e. both the production and breakdown of fats. Adipose tissue is also responsible for the appropriate level of fatty acids in the blood.

There must be neither too little nor too much body fat. In women, low levels can lead to amenorrhea and reduce reproductive capacity. In men, too high a level reduces the level of testosterone in the body, and this, in turn, affects not only sexual performance but also the hormonal profile.

The ideal tissue content for women is 20 to 25 percent and for men 10 to 20 percent.

These standards change with age as body density changes over time. If muscles are not stimulated regularly, they begin to disappear over time. Accordingly, the tissue percentage increases. How to stimulate the muscles? Swimming, going to the gym, exercising at home and, of course, taking care of your diet.

Fat burning

Fat burning - what is it?


Burning fat is based on a caloric deficit (providing fewer calories than the body needs in order not to gain weight) combined with physical activity. Only this and so much – we can end the topic with this statement. Unfortunately, fat burning is a topic around which many myths have arisen. To burn fat tissue, you need to consume the right amount of protein, because it is the building block of muscles. Cardio is the most effective way to burn fat, and it doesn’t matter whether you exercise in the morning or the evening. The most important, however, is the caloric deficit. To calculate how many calories you need, you can use the calculator, e.g. on our website. Subtract 400-600 calories from your total metabolism.

Fat burning

If we want to accelerate fat burning, we should first of all take care of ourselves – get enough sleep, eat healthy and take care of our well-being. Nevertheless, it is not enough.

Supplementation is of great importance in the case of adipose tissue, and fat burners facilitate slimming and make it more effective. One of them is Burn It, which you should try if diet and exercise are not working and are not burning fat. Thanks to it, you will deal with your fat tissue once and for all and curb your appetite for sweets! Reach for Burn It – a dietary supplement that supports fat burning and reduces fatigue during exercise.

Supplementation is of great importance. Don’t underestimate her.

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