Face massage


Face massage – how to do it properly?

Face massage is a procedure that you can safely perform at home. What is its purpose? First of all, improving the appearance of the skin and prevention of wrinkles. It is also a great way to relax and reduce muscle tension. It is best to do it in the evening while applying a cream or serum.

Face massage

The older we get, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. The first wrinkles, furrows, and bags under the eyes appear. This is due to a reduction in collagen and elastin, and a loss of muscle tone. Face massage effectively counteracts these signs of aging and allows you to enjoy a young and fresh look for longer.

Face massage

Face massage - how to do it?


Face massage should be performed only on thoroughly cleansed skin with the use of foam, gel, and washing emulsion. Before the treatment, dry it with a paper towel and apply a moisturizing cream or serum. Of course, you cannot forget to wash your hands thoroughly.

Step by step facial massage looks like this:

1. Warming up – gentle finger movements from the jaw to the cheeks and forehead,

2. Circular movements of the fingers of both hands from the jaw to the forehead, then from the chin to the cheeks and from the nose to the ears,

3. Compressing the chin, lips, eyebrow arches, and temples,

4. Gentle pressure on the eyelids,

5. Tapping with your fingertips on every part of the face,

6. Stroking the skin of the face from the lower jaw to the forehead and from the nose towards the ears.

Duration of the procedure? At least ten minutes.

Face massage

Facial massage - how often should it be done?


There are no studies or recommendations on how often you should massage your face. It is important to do it regularly, because only thanks to this, the effects will be visible and last a long time. We recommend you massage two to three times a week. A perfect complement to the face massage will be a strong massage of moisturizing cream into the skin, both in the morning and in the evening.

The effects of face massage can be spectacular. The movements you will make will stimulate even the deepest layers of the skin and the muscles underneath them. As a result, the production of collagen and elastin increases, and thus the skin becomes supple, elastic, and taut. Facial massage also stimulates lymph flow.

Still not convinced? Here is a list of the benefits of regular facial massage:

1. Improving the appearance of the skin,

2. Healthy, fresh and shiny skin,

3. No puffiness on the face,

4. Lack of bags under the eyes,

5. Increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin,

6. Slowing down the aging processes of the skin,

7. Improvement of the face oval,

8. Relaxation and stress reduction.

Face massage

Also, remember that the skin should also be taken care of from the inside. Even the best care or expensive creams will be useless, if you do not eat healthily, remember to provide your body with vitamins and reach for supplements. Training and daily exercise are also very important for the appearance of your skin!

You can find it in our Marine Collagen dietary supplement. Only proper collagen supplementation will guarantee the delay of skin aging processes.

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