Depressed mood


Depressed mood – how can you deal with it?

A depressed mood can not only ruin your day, but it can also affect your productivity or the quality of your sleep!

despressed mood

This, in turn, causes despondency and even … depression! To find out how to fight it! This, in turn, causes despondency and even … depression! To find out how to fight it!

Depressed mood - find the cause!

Depressed mood - find the cause!


To effectively deal with negative feelings, you need to find out what is causing them. Many of us feel the so-called “mental lows” that can make us burn. You should not forget about other symptoms of worse mood, such as irritation, anger, anxiety, and even… weight gain! So if from the very morning you are wandering around the house from corner to corner and only postponing tasks for the next day, you are irritable and nothing gives you pleasure, then try to think about what happened in your life that affects you so negatively. Take care not to take your anger out on your loved ones: you will regret it! Once you find the cause of your malaise, most often a failure or a bad event, then… write it down! Yes Yes! Write it down in a regular notebook. Finding the cause is not just to make excuses, but it will help you to work on yourself. You don’t want to waste your whole day being nervous and pissed off, right? Right under the root cause, write down the emotions that accompany you. Even those who are ashamed of yourself in front of yourself. Then think about whether it is worthwhile to keep getting excited? In the end, to be nervous and to be sad and unmotivated is to take revenge on your health. And that’s what you want to avoid, right?

Depressed mood - give yourself the bigger picture

Depressed mood - give yourself the bigger picture!


A negative mood can quite narrow the perspective of looking at reality. When you feel sad, irritable, or angry, everything that surrounds you turns black and white. No grays, only black and white. After all, you are well aware that life is not like this. The world doesn’t look like that. In times of sadness, you need to realize this. Okay, something terrible happened, something that pissed you off, but … you must have experienced a lot of happy, beautiful things before. Focus on them. Make yourself detox from negative thinking.

A way to go wrong? Move up!

A way to go wrong? Move up!


Depressed mood can be combated with movement. Yes Yes! I am talking not only about exercises in the gym or swimming but also just a simple walk. Exercise causes your body to produce endorphins, which in turn puts your body in a state of euphoria comparable to falling in love. Does it mean butterflies in the stomach? Not always, but… every move will improve your mood. Let yourself be on it! If the very thought of exercising makes you flinch, try at least dancing to your favorite music, preferably looking in the mirror and smiling at your reflection. And then eat something you like. Even if it’s outside of your diet and it’s very, very unhealthy. You deserve it and we are sure that after eating something delicious, your depressed mood will cease to be a problem for you!

It may turn out that the methods we have presented are not enough. Then you should take care of providing the body with ingredients that will help it fight bad moods. What is this about? About the 5-HTP diet supplement! It works like serotonin, which means that it brings the body into a state of natural happiness!

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