Concentration problems – how to fight them?

Are you having trouble concentrating? Can’t focus on one task for a long time? Do you feel that you are listening to people but are forgetting what they are saying? Well, this article is for you! You will learn from it how to solve problems with concentration. We’ll get to the specifics right away, from this post you won’t learn what focus is or what influences it. Just the meat!


Concentration problems and physiology. Meet your body's needs first.

Your brain works on oxygen and glucose, so if you suffer from concentration problems, you should focus on providing it with these two components. How does it look in practice? Invest in sleep, good, regular nutrition (vegetables, fruit, plenty of water!), And exercise. After all, for it to function, it needs high-quality fuel. For this, at least once a week, sleep off any hourly arrears. You may find this makes it easier for you to concentrate. In moments of concentration loss, watch out for all unhealthy snacks that seemingly only give you energy and actually do more harm than good.


Concentration problems can signify a high level of inner anxiety. It is like loud and very disturbing music, the source of which, unfortunately, lies within us. Sometimes one of the best investments in your level of concentration is to go to therapy or to relieve tension in your loved ones. Regardless of your stress level, we also encourage you to practice mindfulness, which is putting your brain into the here and now mode. It is one of the most common habits of successful people.

If you have trouble with ideas that arise during the course of action and they distract you, write them down and come back to them after completing the task. After a few weeks of such exercises, you will develop a reflex to jot down all your ideas so that they do not get lost and at the same time do not distract you during your work.


Block all notifications!

This rule is a real game changer. Mute your phone while you work and put it away so that you don’t see it. Install plug-ins and applications on your computer to block certain programs or sites on the Internet. Close the email. Put your communicators in ‘do not disturb mode. Also, think about the pomodoro technique. After just a few days, you will notice the difference! Our brain is not made for multitasking, so cutting yourself off from notifications will affect your concentration level!

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In today’s world, full of distractions and rush for new tasks, it is not difficult to lose attention. Active Mind is an effective help in improving the quality of your everyday life. Carefully selected ingredients of our supplement have a positive effect on your concentration, reduce fatigue and help you calm down.

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