Concentration – how to improve it and acquire knowledge faster?

Concentration is an issue that over 70% of people have a problem with. 70%! This is a huge number. This is because we live in a world full of stimuli and distractions. However, there is good news – concentration is a skill that you can practice and improve. Find out how to do it!


Concentration - why is it so important?

Concentration is necessary for effective study and work. It is also useful in personal development. But what is it? It’s basically the ability to focus on one thing for a long time.

External stimuli and the myth of multitasking effectively distract our attention, and thus lower our intellectual abilities. You probably found yourself having to go back to the previous page in the book more than once, because you don’t remember what happened before. Or are you stuck in the hundredth tab on Wikipedia because you started checking new passwords? Stimuli that negatively affect your level of focus include:
– lack of the right attitude;
– improper organization of the place of study / work,
– unfavorable environmental conditions, e.g. light, sound, etc.,
– too much interest in the so-called distractors, e.g. by phone, social media, talking with household members, etc.

Fortunately, all of them can be combated!


Here is a list of aspects you should work on if you want to improve your concentration. Take it seriously – your future depends on it! After all, a concentrated employee is a successful employee.

Emotional balance and motivation
Think positive. A negative attitude will discourage you from achieving your goals and prevent you from sticking to the plan.

Plan and act
Hierarchy your tasks and define what is the goal of your learning. This is the key to success. Only after planning tasks will you be able to concentrate on them.

Get rid of distractions
Distractors distract you from what’s really important. When you start learning, log out of social media and turn off your phone. Do the same with your TV and other entertainment devices.

Take breaks
Having the prospect of taking a break from the assignment will make it easier for you to focus on your studies. Don’t think about how much you have to do, but how much time is left until the break.



You already know that in today’s world full of distractions and rush for new tasks, it is not difficult to lose attention. Active Mind is an effective help in improving the quality of your everyday life. Carefully selected ingredients of our supplement have a positive effect on your concentration, reduce fatigue and help you calm down.

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