Fruits and vegetables that are low in calories

8 products that "almost" have no calories

You have been dreaming of a flat stomach and a beautiful figure for a long time, but at the same time you like to eat very much and you count in your head how many calories it all has?

Well, if you associate your diet mainly with extreme hunger, you’ve come to the right place!

We do not even realize how many calories we consume by the way – a small sausage, a handful of nuts (they are healthy and delicious, but unfortunately very caloric), coffee with whipped cream, dark bread …

All this stands in the way of our desired, beautiful figure. Fortunately, there are things that allow us to almost literally eat and … be full!

A woman thinking over a plate of healthy food and thinking about a cake, counting the calories in the cake

Products on this list can be eaten without restrictions.

Check how calories they have!

Red, juicy, natural and healthy tomatoes


Delicious and healthy!

They reduce the risk of cancer thanks to the lipoken contained in them. In addition, they support fat burning and are a source of potassium. Potassium is very important as it removes excess water from the body.

100 grams is just 17 calories.


This inconspicuous plant is a true bomb of nutrients – contains two times more vitamin C than citrus. You can munch it raw and cooked with impunity. You can also drink it!

100 grams is only 16 calories.

Green celery which has 16 calories per 100g
Healthy green cucumbers whole and sliced containing 16 calories per 100g


It consists mainly of water, which, as you know, does not make you fat! You can eat it with the skin on or prepare a cucumber soup based on it. It has a positive effect on digestion and accelerates fat burning.

100 grams is just 16 calories.


A real treat for fans of sweets! Fortunately, there are hardly any calories also outside the summer season. It is a great source of water and vitamins. Additionally, you can freeze it or use it to make desserts such as fruit ice cream, smoothies, sorbets. Calmly! They do not threaten your body shape!

100 grams is only 30 calories.

A juicy and large watermelon
Onion containing only 13 calories per 100g


It turns out that not only is it helpful in the fight against viral infections, but also can be helpful in the struggle for a slim figure. It reduces the cravings for sweets and helps to regulate glucose levels. Add it to salads, soups and sandwiches!

100 grams only contain 13 calories.


It supports the work of the intestines and stomach, and also improves the functioning of the liver. Smuggle it in salads, soups or… crunch it like a chips!

100 grams of this vegetable will provide your body with 28 calories.

Fresh and natural turnip
Green broccoli


Not only is it very low in calories, it also contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and trace elements. Additionally, it is a great antioxidant.

Only 24 calories per 100 grams.


Although it seems unlikely, as much as 90% of its composition is water. Additionally, it is a great source of protein and has a positive effect on eyesight. Carrots are also a source of pectin, which hinders the absorption of fats and accelerates the process of digestion. It is also a diuretic. Calories?

Just 34 in 100 grams.

Whole and sliced orange carrot that is very juicy with only 34 calories per 100g


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