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5 simple tricks to take care of long hair

Long hair requires more attention than short hair. It is a fact. Nevertheless… it’s worth it!

Long hair is a wonderful decoration

Long hair is a wonderful decoration that allows you to create many great hairstyles. In the article below, we have collected five mega-simple tricks that will show you how to care for long hair so that it always looks beautiful and healthy.

Long hair - a big problem while sleeping

Long hair - a big problem while sleeping


If you sleep with your hair loose (regardless of whether you have trouble falling asleep or not), don’t be surprised that in the morning it is dull, matted, and just plain ugly. It is worth tying them up before going to bed. When you sleep, you fidget and roll from side to side – so it’s perfectly normal for your hair to become tangled. Your hair then rubs against the pillow, which leads to microdamage in its structure. When you are tying your hair, do not make yourself a tight ponytail – your hair also takes time to rest. The best hairstyle for the night will be a loose braid or a bob on the crown of your head.

Washing - in the morning or the evening?

Washing - in the morning or the evening?

Women are divided into two groups – those who wash their hair in the morning and those who wash their hair in the evening. If you care about the condition of your hair, never fall asleep in wet hair. Always dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. Wet long hair is much more prone to mechanical damage, it becomes brittle and coarse – regardless of the care used!

Long hair and… night styling!

Don’t you like to spend hours in the morning styling your hairstyle? Start modeling them at night! All you need to do is to properly comb them to sleep, and in the morning you will be able to enjoy the effects as if you left the hairdresser!

Here’s what hairstyles are best for sleep and what they give you:
1. the braid will add volume to your hair and make it wavy
2. a loose bob tied at the top of your head is a way to add volume
3. reach for curlers or soft rollers and get up in the morning with a storm of curls.

Preparation for a beautiful hairstyle begins in the evening of the previous day. Do not forget about it.

Care from the outside - oiling


Be sure to add overnight hair oiling to your care. At night, they are strongly focused on regeneration, so this is the right time to provide them with nutrients. Oiling not only protects long hair against mechanical damage but also moisturizes and strengthens it. When you oil your hair at night, you give it time for the oils to absorb well. They create a protective film on the hair that reduces the risk of mechanical damage.

Biotin is a very popular ingredient belonging to the group of B vitamins, which not only affects hair growth but also improves the condition of the skin and nails (similar to Collagen). If you want a beautiful, trouble-free hairstyle, be sure to include it in your diet. As? Reaching for pure biotin in capsules. The effects will surprise you!

long hair - biotin

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